Tucker Carlson Tonight : Paul Manafort vs. Al Capone justice

Tucker Carlson Tonight Youtube

Tucker: Manafort faces 305 years in prison for tax fraud (which has an average sentence of a little over a year); Al Capone murdered scores and served much less time. Justice is supposed to be evenly applied. Political differences aren’t supposed to get you locked behind bars. Opposing Trump became a matter of total war. Whatever it takes, even if it means corrupting the justice system and ending a man’s life

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Viewers reactions:

Kelly First time in 4 years that I totally agree with a Trump’s tweet…!!
Manafort is a crook but thousands of much more crooked are walking free.
305 years is outrageous!! That’s sadism… Sense of proportionality is lost.
There's nothing of justice at work here. This is vengeance, resist, obstruct and a desperate attempt to get something on the President at work here. Beyond all its completely unAmerican. I hope and pray that true justice prevails and the rats are driven out of the cellar once and for all.
Joshua Janis
Just wait until he's political hacks actually start attacking the public cuz it's coming unless we do something about our justice system now

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