Best Humans of New York Stories This Week

Story 1:

“I see it in the media. And I hear about other people who have experienced it. So I don’t want to speak for anyone else. But I’ve never felt any racism in the UK. Not even once. I drive Uber almost every day. I’ve had thousands of customers. I always interact with them. They are not angels all the time, of course. But The Prophet teaches us to look seventy times for wisdom in each person. If someone says something negative– I always respond with positivity. I squeeze my hand exerciser and think of the nicest way to reply. Maybe that person doesn’t like my color or religion—I don’t know. But they never show it. Everyone treats me fine. I get a lot of tips. I always give them to my children, and tell them: ‘These are the gifts my passengers give me for good service.’ My children say: ‘What service? You just drive people for five minutes.’ I tell them: ‘There is so much service you can give in five minutes.’”

Story 2:

Yesterday we found an encyclopedia from the Late Victorian era– which means sort of before they invented electricity and when they had cars but not so modern ones. It's quite a long encyclopedia. And it’s very heavy and has brown spots on the pages. Gramble said not to read it in the car cause I would get sick and dizzy but I did it anyway and I got sick but only a little bit. I discovered a lot of facts that aren’t facts anymore. I discovered two extinct animals. One was sort of like a sawfish except it had hairs instead of spikes on its nose. The other was sort of like a T-Rex except it had four legs like a dog. When I become an archaeologist I can discover my own dinosaur bones. Gramble showed me how to dig very carefully and dust off your discoveries. Yesterday we went on a treasure hunt with our metal detector. We were hoping to find a pound or maybe an old Roman coin, but instead we found a tent peg and Mum called it rubbish and made us throw it away.”

Story 3:

Saturdays are my only day with him. I try to keep him away from the TV, and do little things that he might not do with his mother. We’ve got a kite in the bag that we’re going to try in a few minutes. His mum and I get on fine. Some parents stick it out for the sake of the child, but we wanted to have happy lives as well. And we both keep his best interests in heart. With so little time together, I was worried at first about getting through to him. Even though he’d say ‘Daddy’ a lot, I wasn’t really sure if he knew what that word meant or if he recognized a deeper connection. If they were ever on holiday, or we spent an odd weekend apart, I’d definitely feel a distance when we reunited. But now that he’s a little older– it’s more of an emotional connection. He kisses and hugs me all the time. I’m more sure of the bond. I just want it to sink in that I’m someone who’s always there and will always support him. I’m not just a Saturday playmate.”


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