Bears Defeat Broncos On A Game-Winning Field Goal From Eddy Pineiro

The Chicago Bears have had some horrible luck with kickers.

Every since Cody Parkey missed the game-winning field goal attempt in last year’s NFC Wild Card Game against the Philadelphia Eagles, the Bears have been searching for a kicker they can rely on.

And they might have found one in Eddy Pinerio, who kicked the game-winning field goal in Week 2 vs Broncos.

Viewer reaction:

Chad Goto Thanks to their kicker?? Try thanks to the refs for that garbage roughing the passer call and the timeout they gave the Bears with 0 on the clock!

Dan Cannon The refs gave them that game. I could care less. Just watching till the Eagles come on, but that was the worst roughing call I have ever seen. Someone should lose their job.

Rocco Stallone The refs screwed the Saints, the Giants, and the Broncos today..

Needs to be fixed? We don’t get excited to watch them decide games. That’s what the players are for.

Jeff Hayes Besides getting a bad call for roughing the passer they also got hosed on the time out, It clearly showed the player go down as the clock ran out but they put a second back on

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