Update on Aardvark Winsol and His Mom Ali

Baby Aardvark Cincinnati Zoo

 Love Ali in the background passed out with her tongue sticking out. Hard working mama

Baby Aardvark Cincinnati Zoo

Checking in With baby Aardvark Winsol and His Mom Ali

Winsol our 10-month-old "baby" aardvark. The aardvark is specialized to eat ants and termites. Sweeping its snout from side to side along the ground, the aardvark sniffs out an insect nest. It digs in with its shovel-shaped claws, and licks up the ants and termites with its long, sticky tongue. One aardvark eats more than 50,000 insects a night!


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Fan react to Baby Aardvark Cincinnati Zoo

David LaBlanc  Lol Winsol tore that garbage can up! My boy LOVES digging

How long will he stay with her? I know you said he will be leaving her but roughly when?

Did they get anything special for the Halloween like the other animals? I didn’t see anything.

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