Art by April Auction Animal Adventure Park April the Giraffe

Art by April Auction Animal Adventure Park

Art by April Auction Post: 4/3/18

Through the means of positive reinforcement training, a trusty whistle, some carrot sticks, paint, a brush, and a pallet – another masterpiece has been made!

Why Paint? Through positive reinforcement training techniques, Allysa has been able to enrich April with the mental and physical stimulation of creating art! Enrichment is vital to the happy and healthy well being of our animals' bodies and minds. The popularity of April's first work in February of 2018 has prompted a weekly segment of her own!


Auction Rules:

To place a bid, click on the photo of the painting and place your US dollar amount bid in the comments section.

Please refrain from any comments or other posts – they will be deleted.

Bidding will end 4/3/18 at 9:00 PM eastern.

Highest bid wins!

Now, if multiple bidders are bidding at 9:00 pm, they continue into that bid war until the highest bid is made, without counter bid within 5 minutes of that bid. Bidding war is between only the highest bidders, engaged in bidding at 9:00 pm (no jumping in!)

The winner will be identified by AAP in the comments section at the auctions end.

The winner will be instructed how to make payment, and shipping info will be collected.
Shipping costs up to $20 covered by AAP, the balance by the winner.

Funds raised will support the continued mission of Animal Adventure Park; conservation through education.

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