Ava August Performs City Of Stars on American Idol Top 12 Tonight

Ava August Performs City Of Stars on American Idol Top 12 Tonight

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Tonight the Top 12 will sing for your votes in REAL TIME. American Idol begins at 8 pm ET across ALL TIME ZONES. Viewers will vote together, and at the end of the episode, a TOP 9 will be revealed. will be whittled down to a Top 16. After, the singers will perform for the judges Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan. And for your vote! Ryan Seacrest hosts, Bobby Bones serves as in-house mentor.

American Idol Top 9

Grace Kinstler
Casey Bishop
Willie Spence
Alyssa Wray
Caleb Kennedy
DeShawn Goncalves
Chayce Beckham
Cassandra Coleman
Hunter Metts


Ava August
Madison Watkins

Ava August City Of Stars

City Of Stars by Ryan Gosling & Emma Stone (from La La Land) – Bobby tells her she’s an artist beyond her years. But he wants her to relax and be the kid that she is. Bobby takes her for a “driving lesson” in a golf cart. And then Ava turns around and sings a very serious song. The rendition is very pretty, although I wish she did more with the rhythm and phrasing. But her performance has moments. Her head voice is lovely.

Luke compliments her mature, elegant moments. “Lean on the fun and the teenybopper stuff, but what you just gave me is incredible.” Lionel marvels at her identity, poise and maturity. “I love what you’re doing.” Katy agrees with Bobby, “I also want to see you be 15.” She wanted Ava to move, become ethereal.”

Geez, she’s literally getting mixed messages from Bobby and the judges. I agree overall with Katy. Her vocal was pure and gorgeous, put she needed to bring some youthful verve to that performance. Still love her, though.

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