“Country Justin Bieber” Austin Michael Robinson LASSOES Katy Perry – American Idol 2019 on ABC

Austin Michael Robinson American Idol 

American Idol 2019 returns tonight with 12 contestants performances in front of the Judge 

Austin Michael Robinson,15 year old singer, from Van Alstyne, TX is currently a high school student. He considers himself a “cow-less cowboy.

The family drove for HOURS to Denver from Texas. They got a flat tire! He’s a small town country boy. He works on the family farm.  Katy calls Austin “a country Justin Bieber.”  Dude. Moving your mouth when you sing might help! He’s got a nice tone, but he definitely needs work. MUMBLE MUMBLE MUMBLE.

He’s adding some “sexy” moves stolen from Luke. Uh. Katy thinks he’s good for 15, but maybe he needs to be “slow cooked”. She thinks a couple of years would help. Lionel suggests he “open his mouth.” Luke says yes, “I don’t know if they’ll renew us next year.” Oh boy. – NO – Katy YES – Luke and Lionel. He’s through to Hollywood. Austin brought his lasso rope. OH ANTICS. There’s no escaping them as he lassos Katy. 





He's only 16 years old, but he's been singing country music and playing guitar for almost half his life.

"When I was about nine years old … my parents put me in a camp for music, kind of just to experiment to see what my talents were," he said. "They put me all over the place in gymnastics, and music and whatnot. Music really just clicked for me."

Austin said he never really intended to try out for the legendary TV talent show.

"I was just kind of piddling around, playing with the guitar, and I decided to take a video," he explained. "I put it on my Instagram and my sister saw it on my Instagram and she's like, 'Hey, can you send me this video?' I said, 'Yeah,' and she sent it to one of her friends… and one of her friends sent it to American Idol, and they got in contact with me."

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