AT&T Stadium Boos the Hell Out Of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell At The NFL Draft

Roger Goodell took the stage to open the 2018 NFL Draft in Arlington, Texas Thursday night, and did so to a shower of boos from Cowboys fans still mad about their team’s feud with the league’s commissioner.

Viewers reacted 

Jackson Langlow This man truly is a great example of why America is lacking unity today, all about how big him and his buddies paycheck are while people are dying from CTE Ian 

Billy Martin Only way he doesn't get BOOed is if he steps out with a wheelchair child each time; pretty soon he'll have sick kid escorts each and every pick lol

Pat Hynes Reminds me of watching wrestling when I was younger. If only crowds would start yelling WHAT after every line he says, thats a world I want to live in

Darrin Bumstead This is the first time I am not listening to the draft 
My love for my favorite game has taken a huge hit because of goodell and other crap
That pos should not have a job

Thomas Stiney The funny thing is – it’s a multi team crowd so there’s nowhere he could go that he wouldn’t get booed

Curmis Broome Next year I hope they bring eggs. So even when they bring kids in wheelchairs up, you can still peg that asshole.

Amanda Powell I almost turned it off after that. This is some kids big day and all people can do it boo Goodell. Ruins it for sure.

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