American Idol 2019 Top 14 : Ashley Hess Sings Sir Duke

American Idol Top 14: Ashley Hess Sings”Sir Duke”

Ashley Hess Sir Duke

 Ashley admits that last night’s performance of “Fix You” was very emotional for her. After the nationwide vote…America did not vote Ashley through to the Top 10. BOOOOOOO.

Ashley Must Sing for Her Life. She’s singing an upbeat song. She adds a bunch of whoops and yeahs, and exhorts the audience to “c’mon ya’ll.” Ugh. I love Ashley. But this performance is old fashioned and corny.

I still think she deserves a Wildcard. Luke thought she was comfortable–even though though they suggested she stay behind the piano. Katy calls it the best performance from her yet. These gushing comments bode well for Ashley.

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