Brilliant 13-Year-Old Ansley Burns Sings “Swingin” By LeAnn Rimes – America’s Got Talent 2019

 Ashley Burns AGT Live Show

She's back Tuesday night as the Wild Card on America's Got Talent. I can't wait to see the show tonight! She shows 'em what got got sweetie, and have fun!! Her hometown is pulling for her ! Wish Ansley Burns of Easley

When she was cut, Ansley cried her eyes out. Now she’s back as a wildcard. Will Simon make her sing again for a THIRD time? Hm. Her first outing featured soul songs. Now she’s chirping along to a classic country song “Swinging.” She’s only 12 years old and performs like she hopes to win a sash in a kid beauty pageant. She has pitch problems!  In a few years she might be ready, but not now. Simon said the internet hated him after he cut her. He admits that he didn’t like the song, but thinks she has a great voice and personality. He calls her a “little fighter.” Julianne says, “never stop believing in yourself.” Howie is thrilled that she’s back, “you make the world smile.”

Simon Cowell asked the singer to sing a cappella and she did an incredible job!

The southern belle sings "Good Girl" and impresses Simon Cowell with a second a capella version!

Ansley, age 11, wowed the judges with her 2-minute performance of Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You."

Viewer react to  Ashley Burns AGT Live Show performance

Mary Kraemer I am so glad they provided Ansley a spot on AGT as she deserves this- she has a great voice and lots of personality and I love this little girl – thank you to Simon

Deborah Larrance Coleman She is cute but she isn't a Vegas act. She does have a great voice for her age. I do think she has the potential to become a really good performer. She needs to continue singing and getting vocal lessons and she will get even better.

Arlene Jaye This girl is a STAR!! I didn’t think the song was right for her at first, but when she let go with that spectacular voice, she proved that she’s in it to win it!! I am SO happy Simon brought her back, and she got my votes tonight.

Trent Bieberly Ansley, I am SO happy Simon brought you back. He knows he made a mistake voting you off in the Judge Cuts. You are simply amazing and you give us a reason to watch. Thank you for agreeing to come back for the live show. I voted 10 for you!

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