Asha the Giraffe at The Abilene Zoo Has Died

Asha the Giraffe at The Abilene Zoo 

Today the Abilene Zoo is saddened to report the loss of reticulated giraffe, Asha, 13 days after entering hospice care. Earlier this year Asha underwent anesthesia to perform x-rays, as well as hoof trimming, to help alleviate arthritis pain. While she handled the risky procedure well, Asha’s condition continued to deteriorate and she was entered into hospice care on March 6, 2019.

Asha the Giraffe and her baby

Asha the Giraffe at The Abilene Zoo

Asha the Giraffe

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Asha was an ambassador to her species reaching over 3 million visitors during her lifetime at the Abilene Zoo. She inspired guests from all over the world to fall in love with giraffe and touched the hearts of countless zookeepers and staff. Born on July 17, 1997, Asha arrived in 1998 and birthed two calves during her 21 years at the Abilene Zoo. Asha’s sweet nature and willingness to take lettuce from guests ensured she was a favorite among visitors. Asha passed surrounded by trusted veterinary, animal care, and Abilene Zoo staff with the rest of the herd nearby.

According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species™, giraffe are listed as critically endangered. Habitat loss and poaching remain two factors threatening these beautiful animals.

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