Arthur Gunn Top 11 Disney Night, Performs “Kiss The Girl”

AMAZING! Arthur Gunn Performs “Kiss The Girl” For Disney Night – American Idol 2020

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American Idol continues the competition, once again with everybody at home. The Top 10 learn their fates as the Top 7 ares revealed. Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan critique the contestants from the comfort of their own homes.

Kiss the Girl from The Little Mermaid – Arthur plays around with the melody. It’s still got an Island flavor, but with a folkie touch. Usually covers of this song are jokey, done as a throwaway. But his interpretation is dead earnest, and I like it! The band arrangement is also very nice. Good job. Oh gosh. Katie is dressed as  Dumbo’s mother, from the Disney Singalong which aired at 7 pm. “You felt really relaxed, I really loved it,” she says. Luke calls him a truly massive recording artist. Lionel loves the way he sells his identity.

The next person into your Top 7 is Just Sam. “Thank you Jesus!” she says.

Viwer reaction:

Jennifer Schramm How can the finale be next week?
Idol is doing a disservice to all of these contestants by only having 3 weeks of competition.
Too rushed. Don’t know some of the contestants and some improve as the weeks go by. Go back to the old format

Emily Ramnanan He can sing that’s for sure, I know he’ll be the top 3,if Just Sam wasn’t my favorite he’ll be my choice for the Idol 2020

Melinda Tucker I just don’t get it. I cringe at his singing. He crucified the John Denver song last week. But they’re pushing him through like Alejandro last year.

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