Arthur Gunn Takes Us Away With Effortless Performance Of John Denver Hit – American Idol 2020

American Idol continues the competition, once again with everybody at home. The Top 20 learn their fates as the Top 10 OR 11 is revealed. Will the judges–Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan–use their one and only save of the season tonight, from the comfort of their homes?  Bobby Bones mentors from his home in Nashville, while Ryan Seacrest hosts from behind the ORIGINAL American Idol desk in Los Angeles. 

Country Roads by John Denver – He’s at home in Wichita making Nepalese food with his family. He picks “Country Roads” because it reminds him of home. Bobby notes that it’s a “feel good” song. “There is a brighter said to everything,” says Arthur. He reagafies the song. Has this song been covered by a reggae artist? Or is Arthur just being original? It’s a pleasant, mid-tempo version of the classic 70’s folk tune. Not a favorite so far, but solid. Arthur is keeping his eyes open this week. Katy felt more connected to the performance, noting how he’s interacting with the camera now. Luke loves the reggae style, a perfect showcase, he says. Lionel calls it all believable, “I love what you did.” text “16” to 21523

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