April the Giraffe Super Bowl Prediction 2020: San Fran or Kansas City?

Super Bowl 2020: April the Giraffe makes her pick

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Will the San Francisco 49ers or the Kansas City Chiefs take home the Lombardi Trophy?

According to April the Giraffe’s prediction, the 49ers will bring home a Super Bowl championship this Sunday. A video captured inside the giraffe barn shows April nudging her face on the 49ers’ sign.

This has become an annual tradition for the world’s most-watched giraffe to predict the winner of the country’s most-watched sporting event. April, who went viral in 2017 during the highly anticipated birth of her calf, Tajiri, has picked the 49ers over the Chiefs in the 54th Super Bowl.

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Viewer reaction:

Julie Bowers I absoutely love this year’s video! It’s very well done! Great job! I was hoping April picked SF and she did! Let’s cheer for SF to win. This is all in good fun of course, so I will always love April no matter what!

Krysten Jones My coworkers cousin plays for San Francisco and a guy 4-5 years younger than me in high school plays for Kansas City. Good luck to both teams!

Mary Tackett April is truly the most beautiful giraffe on the planet. I love when you do videos with her Jordan. And good pick April! She’ll be 2-1 after Sunday’s game!! Go SF!

Brenda S. Friedman She is my most favorite! My beautiful girl has picked her team again!! Does she get extra carrots if the 49ers win???? I sure do hope so! Sooooo great to see her again statuesque and beautiful a ever!! Be still my heart

Ky Hughes I love when you do these things and I love April! It was good to see you visit her last son in Texas recently too. My visits to AAP have been Special!

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