April the Giraffe Update - NFL Memes - America`s Got Talen 2019

April the Giraffe Update

April the Giraffe live cam

April continues to swell on the back end, with a slight discharge.

Mammary development is significant, with udders filling.

Pacing and stargazing behavior observed.

Our entire team remains on standby. 
While we are not in labor, we will continue to monitor progression.

10 things to know for Drafts with Giraffes:

1) Have ticket and ID ready upon arrival! 
The event is age 21+ only

2) Bring cash! Food, animal food, pint glass sales, and gift shop are open during the event!

3) The event is located under shelter around the park due to forecast – plan for wet between stations!

4) Have a PLAN! Sober driving or other accommodations!

5) If the Main Parking Lot fills, overflow parking in Pease Rd lot – 1 minute walk away (grass path)

6) Drop your tasting glass? Let us know. Replacements are $4 in the gift shop.

7) Gates open at 5; a line does form early!

8) Live music!!!

9) It’s a marathon not a race

10) Have Fun! Be respectful of staff, volunteers, animals, and the park!

Today from about 4:45 PM EST, on there was some interesting movement. Tajiri, in my personal opinion has stayed in the Giraffe Barn, in the right side pen with both Out Doors open, a lot today. Tajiri went into the left side and when Oliver came in, Tajiri moved quickly to the Out Door, stopped in the doorway, looked back at Oliver, then moved on outside. Oliver moved to his Out Door, stood looking outside, then went back to his feeding station area.

Tajiri entered the barn on theleft with Oliver still at the feeding station, but as soon as Oliver turned to move to the Out Door, Tajiri turned from the shared fencing and left! Thetime is approximately 4:55 PM EST, by then. Oliver goes back to thefeeding station then left the barn after a very short time.

After he left, April came into the left side and Tajiri joined her there! Oliver came into the right side, looked at the feeding station and kept moving clock-wise then out and back in the left side! I think the interesting part is how as soon as Oliver turned from the Keeper's Gate, walking to the right-side Out Door, Tajirimoved with him, beat him outside and continued on while Oliver moved intothe left pen.

Soon, Tajiri come inside, to the right side while April and Oliver are still inthe left side. April walked out and into the right side, Oliver followed her and Tajiri took off practically running outside as soon as Oliver cleared theOut Door!

Oliver sniffed April's rear end, she peed for Oliver to taste and he did

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