April and Azizi The Giraffe Bronze Statues Opening Day

April & Azizi The Giraffe bronze statues

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As we put the finishing touches on the park, opening our gates tomorrow for our 9th season, we would like to share with you the memorial erected, in memory of giraffes passed: April & Azizi. The bronze statues were acquired by our supporters. Beautifully displayed just off of our giraffe yard and feeding deck; April will still greet our guests each visit
Watch April and Azizi The Giraffe Bronze Statues
april and azizi
The bronze statues of April and Azizi the Giraffe at Animal Adventure Park

We create a place to remember her

Get yours : HERE

Our giraffe deck teams have been working with Desmond, to help him settle in and become acclimated to the exhibit yard and feeding deck!
Tajiri has helped with “showing him the ropes”! Today, they had success, with both enjoying some acacia browse! Acacia, their preferred browse in the wild, is new this year and available for purchase on the decks!

Desmond The Giraffe
Desmond The Giraffe

Oliver is waiting for his treats! Join us inperson for Opening Day

Oliver the giraffe
Oliver the giraffe

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Viewer react to April and Azizi The Giraffe Bronze Statues

Betty Louwsma
It’s so beautiful. April and Azizi will always be in our hearts and having this to honor them is beyond wonderful. I look forward to seeing it in person. April will be forever remembered for the awareness she brought to so many. Glad to see Azizi recognized as well. What an amazing tribute.

Christine Reardon
April definitely deserves a monument in her honor. So glad she received it. She is back with her little boy!! You may be gone, but NEVER forgotten Miss April nor you Azizi. Gorgeous! I may shed a tear tomorrow standing in front of it! A perfect tribute to a Mother and Son – whom we all love so dearly. Always in our hearts. This is beautiful. Love the caring that you all have. Jordan giving credit to your fans and your landscape people shows who you are. Thank you for everything you do.

Julie Ann Woehler Frank
It’s absolutely beautiful. Our precious and beautiful April and her little boy Azizi. What a wonderful way to remember both of them. They are always in our hearts. Rest in peace April and Azizi. You will NEVER be forgotten. Run free and happy together. Oh my heart! Absolutely Beautiful! Its going to be an emotional year for the visitors and the park with April not there, but she will definitely be remembered forever! Love you April and Azizi!

Audrey Boling Bianco
This stunning work of art will bring many many to tears! Blessings to Jordan and the entire staff at AAP. You all are incredible! Hope your 9th year is a stellar one! This gives me goosebumps! What a beautiful and fitting memorial to these giraffes that touched so many lives! RIP April and Azizi!

Christine Dunnett
Oh goodness, so beautiful. This brings tears to my eyes seeing this. April will forever be watching over her park. I wish you the best season ever Jordan, keepers and all of the AAP staff and family.. That is so beautiful, what a wonderful tribute. Hope your season is an amazing one with no problems or hitches

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