Anti-Cop Groups In Charge Of Chicago Police Reform

Anti-police groups were given a prominent role in the oversight and reform of the Chicago Police Department on Tuesday.

Chicago, IL – Plaintiffs with active lawsuits against the city of Chicago – including the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and Black Lives Matter – gained a prominent role in the oversight and reform of the Chicago Police Department (CPD) on Tuesday night.

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), the Chicago Urban League, and the Community Renewal Society were also involved in the agreement, the Associated Pressreported.

In an agreement with the city and the Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan’s office, the groups obtained the power to help construct the consent decree that will govern the police department, the Chicago Tribune reported.

“It’s really setting up the community groups as watchdogs that will have a role to make sure that reform really continues no matter what happens as politicians come and go,” ACLU staff attorney Kathy Muse told the Chicago Tribune.

“Our goals are for a robust consent decree to be entered by a court, and for that commitment to be enforced,” Muse said, according to the Associated Press. “This agreement allows community groups to act as watchdogs during the long-term reform process.”

The ACLU has a history of lying about law enforcement, frequently targets them with the hashtag #BulliesInBlue and makes outrageous demands, such as ending the use of riot gear, and not making traffic stops for minor offenses.

The anti-police groups will have 60 days to present the rules and regulations that they believe should be contained in the consent decree, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Madigan hailed the coalition as an “important step” in providing “communities that have been particularly impacted” to have a voice about how Chicago’s police officers should do their jobs.

“The agreement ensures that community groups have a clear process to provide their input on the consent decree and enforce its terms,” she told the Chicago Tribune.

As a result of the agreement, the groups agreed to suspend lawsuits against the city, contingent on the consent decree being filed in federal court by Sept. 1.

Chicago Fraternal Order of Police president Kevin Graham cautioned the city in a statement following the announcement of the agreement, and pointed out that the law enforcement officers also deserved to have a voice in the process.

“Without the support of the rank and file Chicago Police Officers, their move today will go nowhere,” Graham said. “Anyone who thinks it will is sadly mistaken. As I have said before, we will never give up our collective bargaining rights.”

“The city of Chicago should be careful where they go with a consent decree,” he added.

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Viewers reacted:

Sharon Dennis Why aren't BLM in the streets of Chicago dealing with the murder rate there? Why do they only appear when it involves police? MAYBE if BLM was active in their community they wouldn't NEED the police showing up all the time.

Arthur Kittelsen It just adds to the police fear of their own departments. If those anti police groups want to run the show, just make sure THEY are responsible for the results…

Sean Shipley Wonder when people will finally fight back against this shit. Wonder when that breaking point will be. Seeing your own die; everyone around you cursing you. When does it end?

Carl Riech Sr. This guy is nuts. No wonder Chicago is so screwed up. He’s protecting all the illegals in Chicago. He’s creating political havoc. And now you have Chicago building a presidential library off the backs of downstate Illinoisans which is later going to show the the dude was a crook

Hap DeAna Sweeney Yep,just what they need people with no training,no experience and an axe to grind to tell them how to do their job.liberal logic in full speed ahead.

Jesse Anthony One day you all will reap what you sow when Police Officers no longer protect the flock……And when this day comes I hope you all have what it takes to defend yourselves against the vicious, and Evil Demons that are just waiting for the flood gates to open up.

Blake Roberts It appears law enforcement will start to become an undesirable career, just too much liability anymore in this political correct society. You couldn't pay me enough to be a Chicago police officer these days!

Phil Sutsos And that is why crime is off the hook in that place. The poor people in that town. The only ones that can protect them are being shut down. Incredible

Ron Alberts Yeah , right like that’ll work . Mayor’s a brain dead talking monkey…. bring in the rest to finish the zoo . What could possibly happen…. UNFUCKINGBELIEVEABLE

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