Anna Grace and Gihanna Zoë The Voice Knockouts 2021 Performance

Emotional Performances from Team Kelly’s Anna Grace and Gihanna Zoë – The Voice Knockouts 2021

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How is Kelly Clarkson going to make a decison after this stunning Knockout? Anna showed a vulnerable side of her that I’ve never seen, while Gihanna exubes confidence for days, with a well rounded voice. They both deserve a spot in the playoffs as I see it

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I was a little worried when Anna Grace started with If I Die Young, since Chevel Sheperd, The Voice Season 15 winner, sung it in her blinds. Every Voice fan probably thought of that too. However, she pulled it off and made it sound different than Chevel but still great.

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Anna Grace’s vibrato is out of this world. And the little cracks she adds in? Perfection  And Gihanna has these cries that add so much texture and emotion to her voice. They were both amazing!

Glitter in the air was so cleanly done by Emily Luther that it’s hard not to think of her when the song comes up but Gihanna did the damn thing with her rendition and now I have two favorite versions!

How do you even pick a winner when they are so exceptional, I just was blown away by the second singer I didn’t think after the first one anyone could do better and she exceeded all my expectations, in my opinion the second singer won but I hope the first one doesn’t lose as well. They are both too good

Anna Grace performs “my future” during The Voice Blind Auditions.

Gihanna Zoe performs “She Used to Be Mine” during The Voice Blind Auditions.

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Viewer react to Anna Grace and Gihanna Zoë The Voice Knockouts 2021 performance

David Mena

I love the voice so much. Anna made me emotional and I felt every word. With her story as well you can’t help but feel for her. I’m hoping she wins this or at least gets stolen.

Debbie Blackman

They both are good but I believe Anna won this knock out due to her vulnerability in her voice..

Victoria Mock

I like Gihanna better but might be just a personal preference thing because Anna kind of stayed in the same sound the whole song? Not sure. Both have great voices though.

Carol Peterson

1st one was good, but not for a knockout. Her delivery was monotone, even with the high notes. No change in delivery, no crescendo, so to speak. The 2nd one REALLY built up her story and delivered a fully believable story. 2nd one. Hands down.

Kourtney Kraft

Anna made me cry, it’s as if she were telling us a story in her own beautiful singing voice, how she just made it her own was incredible and I believe she won this knockout, so awesome

Fangaafa Tuifua

Both were great! Gihanna gave it a little more personality and her pronunciations were so clear and love to watch Anna Grace and Gihanna Zoë The Voice Knockouts 2021 performance on The Voice

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