Anna DeGuzman: Magician is SHOCKED by her own MAGIC

Anna DeGuzman is not just your average magician – she is a true master of card magic. Her incredible skills and captivating performances have earned her a well-deserved reputation as one of the most talented magicians in the industry.

Magician Anna Deguzman surprises the crowd with unbelievable card magic!

Anna’s talent and passion for card magic are truly remarkable. Whether she is performing on stage or dazzling audiences on America’s Got Talent, Anna never fails to leave a lasting impression. Her charisma and stage presence are undeniable, drawing spectators into her world of illusion and wonder.

Watch Anna DeGuzman America’s Got Talent performance tonight on AGT.

Anna began her act with a series of mind-bending card tricks. As she effortlessly manipulated the deck, cards seemed to appear and disappear at will, leaving the audience in awe. Her precise sleight of hand and impeccable timing added an extra layer of intrigue to her performance.

As a young lady with immense talent, Anna has proven time and time again that age is no barrier when it comes to mastering the art of magic. Her dedication to her craft shines through in every performance, leaving audiences spellbound and craving more.

When it comes to card magic, Anna DeGuzman stands out as an exceptional magician who knows how to captivate an audience with her skillful techniques and magnetic stage presence. Keep an eye out for this charismatic young lady as she continues to make waves in the world of magic.

Viewers reacts to Anna DeGuzman America’s Got Talent performance.

Freide Weinstock Stern
I really do hope she gets through she was really really very good and incredible talented! One of the best magic 🪄 on the show!…. yes she was a bit nervous but she represented it really well a unique job well done. She has no idea how good she is. This is the second time her nerves was noticeable. Confidence will make her show flow. Anna DeGuzman is a skilled cardist who has a lot of passion for magic. She demonstrated some amazing card tricks in her audition that were very smooth and precise. She also has a charming personality and a positive attitude that make her likable. However, I think she could have chosen a more creative and unique act, as some of her tricks were similar to what other magicians have done on AGT before. She also seemed a little nervous and unsure of herself, which made her performance less engaging. I hope she can overcome her stage fright and show more confidence and originality in her next performance. She has talent, but she needs to stand out from the crowd. I wish her all the best and good luck!

Gabe Schottenstein
That is PURE! TALENTED! MAGIC! This was absolutely the best act of the night to me!! I’m not kidding! And like Heidi said, “We need more female magicians!” and yes we do and I think she could be the one to actually win this season!! Shin Lim has gotta watch THIS close-up magic performance and I’ll bet he’ll be extremely impressed! Back on July 2nd I predicated that Anna would be in the top 5 of the finals. Later I said that she (should) be the winner in the finale. I thought that her audition with the card trick where she “doesn’t even touch the cards” was the BEST magic act I’ve ever seen. But this performance with the 4 judges and the signed card from Howie that appeared [inside] the cake with the letters on top and the 7 was  anything I’ve ever seen. Also, Anna is soooo beautiful.

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