Animal Adventure Park Arty the Afl Today 2021 Full Stories

Animal Adventure Park Arty the Afl Today

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Day 20, monkeying around,
Bobo and Kiki, capuchins he’s found!
Playful and trouble, perfect pair,
Have stolen Arty’s hat, exposed his hair!
But, this game, our elf, has played before,
Each putting on the hat, by whom better was it wore!
“Antics aside, assignment I am on,
My report on you, decisions drawn.”
“So, replace my cap, continue our day,
Or to Santa I go, quite a bit to say!”
One quick reminder, demeanor did change,
Glance of understanding, monkey and elf, did exchange!

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Day 19, freezing cold, what a sight,
Snow piled high, cold enough for frostbite!
North Pole trained, Arty must carry on,
Out at first light, welcoming dawn.
Cold weather hardy, built for today,
With Tibetan yak, our elf will stay.
Nikki and Patti, thick outer coats,
Fat layered thick, extra grain, extra oats!
Wondering why, most other critters hide,
Cold climate natives, take it in stride!
Summer months, those we keep cool,
In winter months, are the ones that rule!

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