Fall Baby Boom Continues at Animal Adventure Park – Donald Trump – American Idol – America`s Got Talen

Fall Baby Boom Continues at Animal Adventure Park

Animal Adventure Park Animals

We are absolutely ecstatic to announce the arrival of our first Zebra foal! It’s a boy!

Zira and Zippy have grown with the park, into maturity, and welcomed our first foal in the early morning hours.

Mom, baby, dad and exhibit mates, the ostriches, are all well and taking it in stride! (Or stripe!)

Animal Adventure Park Animals

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Fall Baby Boom Continues!

Code Green: Capybara

We have welcomed 4 new capybara this morning! The largest rodent on earth, is native to the waterways of South America. Able to reach 100+ pounds – they are more graceful in water than on land!

Visit our new capybara, Zebra foal, llama cria, and baby squirrel monkey as our late season baby boom continues! Open Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays – 10 am – 5 pm!

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