Annaliese Nock: Daredevil Daughter Takes On Dynamite Performance – America’s Got Talent 2018

Anilise Nock Audition

Anilise Nock – Oh. Remember her dad? Bello Noc was on AGT last year. He did crazy daredevil acts, and now at 21, she’s following in his footsteps. She wants to pave the way for female daredevils.Her thing? She blows up. She blows up herself REAL GOOD. Tonight, she’s using a coffin. She’s using 13 pounds of TNT. The act is conducted outside, of course. 

Her dad advises her to check her gear, and if it doesn’t feel right, call it off. If she doesn’t breath right, her lungs could explode…or something. Dad looks real nervous as she’s nailed into a box. It explodes and Analise takes a minute, but then she’s on her feet. Yay. She’s not dead. Heidi calls her “gutsy.” She says, “I call that girl power.” Howie calls it “amazing.” Mel was terrified. Simon wanted more dynamite. Analise invites him to join him in the box. “I’ll think about it!” he says. – 4 yeses.


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