America's Got Talent 2018 Angel City Choral Semifinals Performance

Angel City Chorale “The Rising” SO BEAUTIFUL &OPTIMISTIC Semi-Finals 2 America’s Got Talent 2018

Angel City Choral Semifinals  

The director reads letters they received since their TV debut. Oh man.They’re singing “The Rising.” Considering it’s September 11? INSTANT ADVANCE TO THE NEXT ROUND. They’re dressed in white and holding white lights. Even my cold cold cynical heart can’t bring forth the snark. It’s not a great rendition of the song, but the sincerity and grandeur, I suspect, will not be denied. Howie loves what they’re about. “That was just so beautiful, from start to end,” says Mel. The director says the song is dedicated to all the first responders. I don’t think Mel or Howie knew the history of that song. Simon calls it optimistic and positive, also “One of the best choirs we’ve had on the show.” 

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