All Andrew Sevener The Voice 2019 Performances – Donald Trump – American Idol – America`s Got Talen

All Andrew Sevener The Voice 2019 Performances

Andrew Sevener The Voice

Sevener Team Blake singing Simple Man.  

This is a good song choice for him.  He’s playing the guitar and standing at the mic.  He is doing a nice job on this, he has a rich country voice.  Definitely among his better performances.  Blake says that was enough to get him into the finale.  Blake says he wish he would have saved it for the finale because he was so connected to it.  Andrew is the real deal, country to the core, he deserves to be in the finale.

Boots On by Randy Houser – He beat The Bundys in the Cross Battles, which wa surprising. They sing beautiful harmonies, he’s a generic country singer. He’s a solid singer, but hasn’t done much to distinguish himself

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LB Crew (Team Adam) vs.  Jej (Team Kelly)

Quick recaps of their journeys before the battle begins.  LB starts by singing Wade in the Water, He’s really tearing up the stage, he has a backup gospel choir.  Audience loves it.   That was really good, a little overdone but very well sung.   Jej is up next with his smooth style.  He’s crooning to Kelly in his trademark style, she’s dancing.   Jej was a little boring after the energy LB brought.  This too was a good performance from Jej, but a little overwhelming.  Adam loved LB’s composure, his depth, going forward, he’s blown away.  Kelly tells Jej his runs are incredibly powerful and seamless.  She’s so impressed.  John tells them both they are fantastic four-chair turns.  His preference was just slightly LB due to confidence and command of the stage.  Blake did not expect that level of greatness from LB, he would give it to LB as well.  I think the audience will probably vote for Jej, due to team KC but we’ll see tomorrow!

Adam has to pick AGAIN, and he picks Kalvin.  He challenges John Legend.  (Weird that they are putting all Team up early?)  John picks Julian.  Oh, this could be good.

He lives in a very small town where the only big thing is the freeway.  He’s a country, rock. blues, he’s been playing guitar since 5th grade.  He, his Mom, and his Dad started a band when Andrew turned 15.  He’s learned so much from his parents but he’s trying to become a solo artist.  He works 7 days a week as a motor home specialist.

 Typical cowboy hat and electric guitar.  He has some grit in his voice, but it’s nothing too special.  During the guitar solo, he really tears it up and Blake turns.  He breaks into some big notes.  

One chair turn.  Blake is screaming his classic yes!  Kelly says she didn’t turn around cause country artists always choose Blake.  Blake says he can hear Hank Williams Jr.  John says his guitar solo was nice, and his high notes electrified the room.  Andrew is Team Blake!  Blake says he likes the growly sound and shredding.

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