Top 3 Amazing Andrew Sevener The Voice Finale Performances Tonight

Andrew Sevener Performs Hinder’s “Lips of an Angel” – The Voice Live Finale 2019

Andrew Sevener The Voice Finale

Andrew Sevener’s package and interview.  He says the camera adds ten pounds.  He seems funny.  Blake says he felt like he knoew this guy and he knows what drives him.  He has country with a rock slant to it.  Andrew was a one chair turn, but Blake says every song pushes him a little bit more.

 Andrew says without Blake’s belief in him he wouldn’t be here.  This could be Blake’s 7th win.  Again dark lighting and just Andrew and the guitar at the mic.  My signal keeps going out.  This isn’t his best either, he sounds nervous.  He really could have slayed this, he’s doing okay but he’s been stronger in other performances.  It was still better then most of the others tonight.    All 4 coaches on their feet for that.  Kelly says that was so good, it was great.  She looks at Blake and says this is hard.  John says if he had to pick among Team Blake he would pick Andrew.  Blake says he doesn’t know what’s happening right now but this is his night and he’s killing it.

Andrew Sevener Original:  “Rural Route Raising”

Blake tells Andrew he will miss him.  It’s a current song but has old time rocking country.  Andrew says it’s hooky and everything about it is him.  He wants a flame thrower to perform this with.  Blake says it’s a good song right down his alley, and Andrew will be singing with Travis Tritt on the finale.    And of course, Andrew is wearing his cowboy hat and his guitar.  The song is a little low for his range, but it’s got a good beat to it.  This song will do well with the demo too, a song about Jesus, and it’s got a rock country beat.  Blake yelling yes!  Kelly says she’s so excited about Travis Tritt, he has a line between old and new country.  It’s a killer sound for him.  John says he’s really in his zone, he can relate.  Blake says he will be singing the song for the rest of his life.  That was his performance of the season.

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