Andrew Jannakos and Patrick McAlroon Sing “Free Fallin'” – The Voice Battles 2019

Andrew Jannakos and Patrick McAlroon

Adam says this is going to be a tough battle.  Andrew is a country singer, and Patrick is a lifelong musician.  Andrew grew with old country, but he doesn’t dress like he sings country music.  Patrick has been touring for 25 years singing background vocals and playing guitar.  His daughter auditioned this season but didn’t get a chair turn.  This is for her.  This song is right in Patrick’s wheelhouse, will be interesting to see how Andrew handles this.  Patrick needs to add fire, and Andrew shouldn’t overdo it Adam tells them.  Andrew is intimidated by Patrick’s experience.

Andrew starts off not wearing a traditional country outfit.  He sounds smooth.  Patrick’s voice is a little better suited to this song.  They sound good together on the chorus.  It’s a little more subdued then I expected.  Not much energy but technically good.  Patrick is doing some interesting notes on the harmonies.  Andrew has a really high, powerful range.  Blake tells Patrick he remembers him from the blinds, he’s a fan but Andrew was a discovery, he soared on the chorus.  

Kelly thought Andrew was great, in the blinds he was good.  Patrick’s more her style, but she would choose Andrew based on the surprise of how great he did.  John was also shocked at Andrew’s range, he loves the character and individuality in Patrick’s voice.  Adam thinks they are both amazing, when it comes down to a moment like this (awe from Kelly), Patrick has a great, unique voice.  Andrew was a revelation by nailing the high notes.  

The winner of this battle is…. Andrew!  Adam picked him because he shocked the panel.  I’m slightly surprised cause Patrick is more Adam’s speed.  Adam is worried for the other teams…  Patrick thanks Adam for the time.  Patrick McAlroon is eliminated.

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