Golden Buzzer: From The Audience to The Stage, Maddie Shocks The Judges With Her Voice

Maddie impresses the judges and receives a Golden Buzzer from Howie Mandel! An 11 year old singer with 38.6K followers on IG, she has sang the National anthem at Dodgers, Rams, Lakers, Kings, Galaxy, Globetrotters games. She has also appeared on Game of Talents. She has also starred in Netflix’s Selena: The Series as “Young […]

Lee Collinson Sings “Better Days” The Judges Surprise His Mom With a FaceTime Call

Lee Collinson’s first time in America goes absolutely amazing, when Simon Cowell asks to call his mum with some great news! Lee Collinson sings “Better Days” by Dermot Kennedy for his audition. Someone give him a record deal! he is an amazing singer he’s going to be famous I know and we were all here […]

Golden Buzzer: Avery Dixon’s Emotional Audition Moves Terry Crews to Tears | AGT 2022

Avery Dixon America's Got Talent

Grab your tissues; Avery Dixon’s emotional audition might make you cry. Terry Crews was moved to tears when he heard Avery’s sensational saxophone skills and harrowing story about being bullied. Avery Dixon America’s Got Talent performance tonight The Atlanta native’s mom signed him up. Avery still doesn’t believe in himself. He picked up the saxophone […]

Erika Lemay Shocks The Judges With Amazing Suspended Aerial Silks


Erika Lemay receives a Group Golden Buzzer for her stunning audition! Flying 90 feet in the air, Erika performs aerial silks while suspended from balloons tonight on America’s Got Talent Watch Erika Lemay America’s Got Talent performance She grew up in a small Canadian town where she discovered ariel arts. In 2018 she had an […]