Golden Buzzer: Mayyas’ Breathtaking Audition Captivates Sofia Vergara

This audition from Mayyas was so breathtaking that Sofia Vergara pressed her Golden Buzzer!

This Lebanese dance crew won Arab’s Got Talent in 2019. The group knew their choreographer as kids. He shares how hard it is to bring female dance to Lebanon. Last year’s golden buzzer act, the late Nightbirde, inspired him. The dancer’s share how hard life is in Lebanon and that female dancers aren’t fully accepted in the Arab world. (But they did win Arab’s Got Talent!). They plan to hypnotize the audience with movements that are synchronized and mesmerizing. They pull out some feather, and its pretty cool. The judges and crowd are on their feet at the end. Sofia calls it beautiful and creative. Howie said he WAS hypnotized. Heidi calls it stunning. Simon calls them the best dance act they’ve ever seen. Then Sofia says she wants to “empower them even more” before hitting the Golden Buzzer. The confetti flies, and everybody cries!

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