Golden Buzzer: Lily Meola’s Original Song “Daydream” Makes Heidi Klum Emotional

Lily Meola America's Got Talent
Lily is a touring musician, born and raised in Maui, now California-based. She describes her sound as dreampop and folk. She gained recognition at 20 after performing a duet with Willie Nelson. She sings an original song “Daydream.” She wrote the song when things were “really beautiful.” She had a label deal, her life was wonderful. But then her life turned upside down. She lost her mother to cancer, and while taking care of her, Lily lost her record deal. She tears up talking about her. As a songwriter, she’s a good storyteller, vocally, she sings with a beautiful, lyrical tone. If she doesn’t make it as a performer, she could survive as a songwriter. 
Heidi is wiping away tears. Howie can “feel the emotion…you are the butterfly on the way.” Sofia says “I think your mother was watching you tonight.” The record deal didn’t produce music, she says. Simon admires her persistence. Heidi is speechless. “I see a light around you.” She’s so moved that…Heidi hits her golden buzzer. They means Lilly will advance straight to the live shows.

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