Lee Collinson Sings “Better Days” The Judges Surprise His Mom With a FaceTime Call

Lee Collinson’s first time in America goes absolutely amazing, when Simon Cowell asks to call his mum with some great news! Lee Collinson sings “Better Days” by Dermot Kennedy for his audition.

Someone give him a record deal! he is an amazing singer he’s going to be famous I know and we were all here to witness his singing Watch his music Will be in radios all over the world. He chose a timely song — from the first words out of his mouth, you could see the reaction from the judges.. from the audience.. stunned by their own feelings that the lyrics elicited. The expression on Simon’s face from the start said it all .. the song wrapped itself around the past two years on this planet and gave universal voice to the anguish and heart break and fatigue as nothing has before.

What an amazing young man, with such a beautiful voice! Good luck to you, I wish you great success on your new journey! You’ve got this, keep shining bright and singing loud for the world to hear! P.S. To your Mom, from another Mom, what an awesome young man you’ve raised! I know you must be so proud!

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