See Why The Judges Call Kieran Rhodes a Star | Berklee Student Takes a Chance on AGT

Berklee College of Music student Kieran Rhodes wows the judges with an emotional audition on the piano.

He boasts to Terry that he learned to play piano by watching Youtube videos. “Completely self-taught!” But he attends the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston where he studies songwriting and piano. So, he’s had training. But going there with the kids who have studies all there lives is intimidating, he confesses, He’s already co-written a song for television:  a song for Food Network’s Restaurant Impossible. Her performs ‘She’s Got a Way” by Billy Joel, accompanying himself on piano, but Simon interrupts him and wants an original song. He performs “Disengage,” which he wrote about depression. The melody is beautiful, and the lyrics moving. He’s a talented songwriter.  Sofia is shouting BRAVO! Howie says, “You are a star.” Heidi calls it beautiful. Simon thinks he’s talented and interesting. Simon identifies with him as a self-made talent. His mom is nearly crying in the audience, and she greets him backstage. – 4 yeses

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