17-Year-Old Ethan Jan Delivers an Amazing Rubik’s Cube Audition

Ethan Jan dazzles the judges with his Rubik’s Cube talent! See the teen juggle Rubik’s Cubes while riding a unicycle.

Ethan is from Redlands, California, and is a senior in high school. He has a large following on Tik Tok (409.4K). He holds Guiness book world records for the Rubik’s Cube. Each of the judges scramble up a Rubik’s Cube. He figures out each one in mere seconds. One he solves behind his back. He solves another while juggling. He takes the fourth up on to the stage, where he rides a unicycle…and solves the cube. It’s pretty impressive. No wonder Tik Tok loves him. Simon calls him a genius. Sofia thinks he transformed in front of them .Heidi calls it “incredible” adding, “You’re probably a robot!” – 4 yeses

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