Erika Lemay Shocks The Judges With Amazing Suspended Aerial Silks


Erika Lemay receives a Group Golden Buzzer for her stunning audition! Flying 90 feet in the air, Erika performs aerial silks while suspended from balloons tonight on America’s Got Talent

Watch Erika Lemay America’s Got Talent performance

She grew up in a small Canadian town where she discovered ariel arts. In 2018 she had an accident that dislocated her shoulder. She stopped performing. She did two years of rehab. Now she’s back. She ties a silk to a mass of helium balloons. They raise her in the air. Crew members control the balloons from the ground. Once she’s high enough, she performs tricks on the silks. This is really different and kind of cool. The balloons don’t remain still they float around the field as she performs.

Nikki was on the edge of her seat. “You truly are dangerously beautiful.” Travis also loved it. Simon calls it “unbelievable.” Simon mentions that they used up all their golden buzzers. But what the heck. They do a group buzzer. 

Viewer react to Erika America’s Got Talent performance

Patti Campbell
So graceful beautiful and extremely dangerous dancing in the ribbons in the sky! She got all 4 golden buzzers!! I would say she should win!! It’s as if we were all up in the air with her. So delicate humble talented and beautiful. So well deserved golden buzzer. U go girl! The strength to come back from a massive shoulder injury and perform without anything on the ground..and show no fear. I hope and pray she keeps on soaring 

Got it wrong, 80ft sway pole is the most dangerous, i can do a flip on a motorcycle andcim 62, no way id go up that pole and much less do what they did… comon

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