Golden Buzzer: Avery Dixon’s Emotional Audition Moves Terry Crews to Tears | AGT 2022

Avery Dixon America's Got Talent

Grab your tissues; Avery Dixon’s emotional audition might make you cry. Terry Crews was moved to tears when he heard Avery’s sensational saxophone skills and harrowing story about being bullied.

Avery Dixon America’s Got Talent performance tonight

The Atlanta native’s mom signed him up. Avery still doesn’t believe in himself. He picked up the saxophone in elementary school after the kids started bullying him for his raspy voice and look. The kids called him “hammerhead.” The 21 year old has knots on his head after being born premature at 1 lb 8 oz. Because of the prematurity, his vocal cords don’t close all the way. It got so bad, he considered suicide. Learning music saved him. Also, where he lives with his family, the neighbors call the cops when he tries to practice. He’s very nervous at first. He plays “Try a Little Tenderness” and indeed he’s accomplished, and very soulful. He cries as the crowd cheers.

Howie says “You’re supposed to be here. You will change the world.” Heidi thinks he plays with his heart. Avery begins sobbing. Sofia says, “America is going to fall in love with you.” Simon calls his bullies “idiots.” Terry is very emotional he rushes out “THERE’S NO NEED TO VOTE!” he smashes the Golden Buzzer.” He says “You tell every bully that you have a big brother named Terry Crews..who’s got your back.”

A golden buzzer means the recipient will go straight to the live shows. All four judges and Terry get a Golden Buzzer. Last season the show also did a group buzzer.

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