America's Got Talent Results 2018 Revealed Courtney Hadwin or Shin Lin

America’s Got Talent Results 2018 Revealed: Shin Lim

America's Got Talent Results 2018

The final of “America’s Got Talent” takes place on Tuesday, September 18 and is promising to be one of the most exciting in the 13-year history of “AGT” according to our exclusive winner predictions. While teen singing sensation Courtney Hadwin has been the frontrunner all season, she could stumble on this live show. Poised to snatch the crown is  master magician Shin Lim. They competed on separate semifinals, with Shin Lim among the five acts making it through on the first semi and Courtney numbering among the top five from the second semi.

Courtney Hadwin Brings ROCKER STYLE To Tina Turner Song On AGT Finales

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Brian King Joseph Gets STANDING OVATION From AGT Judges & Audience

America’s Got Talent 2018 Finale Results

America’s Got Talent 2018 finale results: Tonight is the night. Which act will win the America’s Got Talent 1 million dollar prize and headlining Vegas show? Will it be violinist Brian King Joseph, singerDaniel Emmet, trapeze act Duo Transcend, singer Courtney Hadwin, comedian Samuel J.Comroe, singer Glennis Grace, magician Shin Lim, singer Michael Ketterer, dance groupZurcaroh or comedian Vicki Barbolak?

We are live blogging all the America’s Got Talent results right here, beginning at 8 pm ET. Guest stars include: KISS, opera legend Placido Domingo;  violinist Lindsey Stirling; pop star Bebe Rexha; actor, David Spade; stand-up comedian and American Ninja Warrior co-host Matt Iseman; and Akbar Gbajabiamila, co-host of American Ninja Warrior and NFL Network’s  Fantasy Live. The show will also feature a special song contribution written by country legend Garth Brooks.
As promised, classic rock band KISS opens the show with a song and an introduction to Tyra Banks. Then  judges Howie Mandel, Mel B, Heidi Klum and Simon Cowell take their seats.  The band is heading out on a “farewell” tour. It’s goodbye forever. Ahem. TIME FOR THE EPIC RECAP of last night’s show. Snack time. I’m not kidding. I put away the rest of my groceries during that. 

Finally Bebe Rexha performs a bit of her single  “I’m a Mess” before Glennis Grace joins her on stage to perform “Meant to Be.”

Next, Courtney Hadwin joins the rock band The Struts. Oh. Interesting pair up. They have a retro sound, but the Struts are actually a young, contemporary band. Cool for her. They sing a bit of their own song. But then back her on Janis Joplin’s “Piece of My Heart.”  Is this teen at ALL familiar with current music?

The Top 10 take the stage. Tyra says it’s one of the CLOSEST votes AGT has ever had in the finale.
Zurcaroh and Duo Transcend take the stage. The act taking the first spot in the Top 5 is…Zurcaroh! Brian King Joseph and Glennis Grace are next. Glennis has a look on her face like RUH RHO. Brian King Joseph is in the Top 5! Daniel Emmett and Shin Lim are on stage. This is easy. America has voted. The act taking the 3rd spot in the Top 5 is…Shin Lim! Samuel J. Comroe and Vicki Barbolak are on stage. Only one comic going through! The act taking the 4th spot in the Top 5 is….Samuel J. Comroe. Ooohhh. That’s a bit of a shocker. Lastly, it’s Michael Ketterer and Courtney Hadwin. OH REALLY? Either result will be surprising. Michael more than Courtney. But still. The act taking the last spot in the Top 5 is…Michael Ketterer. 

Courtney not making the Top 5 was the biggest surprise here. Also, Samuel Comroe beating out Vicki is a bit of a shock.  

Next….another elimination. Michael Ketterer leaves in 5th place!!!! There goes my prediction. I thought he would win it all. The crowd maybe thought so too. They are actually booing.

The act leaving in 4th place and leaving the competition is Samuel J. Comroe. Seriously shocked he placed higher than Michael. And leaving in 3rd place is…Brian King Joseph. He gets a goodbye package. 

Final two are Zurcaroh and Shin Lim.
Before the winner is announced, each of the Top 2 get a recap clip that recalls their AGT journeys. 


Zurcaroh as a group rush over and hoist Shin high into the air! What a moment! The act that deserved to win WON THE SHOW. 

Viewer reactions:

Omoyeni Israel It's Courtney time, let's rock and roll…America's Got Talent Results 2018: Courtney Hadwin

Nick Allen For overall talent, last night’s show was the best I’ve seen in all the years I’ve been watching AGT. Great lineup for this evening – I always look forward to seeing the pairing of established stars with up and coming stars.

Best act of the night last night was Shin Lim. Best act of the season is Zurcaroh.

Angelica Razza LaBarbera I think zurcaroh should take it. The top 10 are also talented but the challenge of that many people being in sync and coordinated is incredible

April Swan Ricketson I don't get the hype about Courtney. I can't stand the screaming or her dancing. I get that she is a child but it's just a no from me. I can't understand anything she sings and it just gets worse when she screams. Everyone that compares her to Mick Jagger and Janis Joplin are delusional. Those two can actually sing. I think it's an insult to compare them.

SteveLinda Quietinthecountry COURTNEY HADWIN… The ONLY performer this year with true stage precence and star power!

Amanda Fox I don't get what everyone sees in Courtney, to me all I see is someone screaming and acting like she's having a seizure, in my opinion they sent the wrong person home who has real talent Christina Wells is so much better and deserved it more in my opinion

Linda Welling To all contestants from linda welling in mattawan,michigan..and my mom louise welling with a Elvis sighting way back when just know even Elvis Presley would agree this is best season ever where all you contestants are so worthy of million dollar prize,and simon should all if he could give away more than one million today as your all that grreat is why we all watched and voted…and all your dreams have already come true,,good luck remaining contestants !! can simon give lilnda welling a shout out tonight,,

Bekki Reese So many great acts in the finals! Brian, Michael, or Samuel have my votes for the win. Courtney is very talented but I'm just not into that style of singing. I hope they all get something out of this because they are all extremely talented.

Bonnie Heck I enjoyed many of the acts. My favorite is Shin. I also love Zuccaroh and Duo Transcend. Glynnis is amazing but already successful in her country. The two comedians are both both very likeable and somewhat funny but not good enough to win in my book. Just my opinion. America's Got Talent Results 2018

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