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America's Got Talent 2019 Youtube 

TIME FOR RESULTS. The judges “deliberate.” Always favorite, the staged, fake deliberation. 

Moving on to the next round

Sophie Pecora – Brad Paisley’s Golden Buzzer
Emerald Belles 
Messoudi Brothers
Lukas & Falco
NDLOVU Youth Choir
Chris Klafford

V.Unbeatable from Mumbai, India honors their late friend Vikas with an unbelievable, golden buzzer-worthy performance.

Alex Dowis inspired us all by painting the first moon landing in the dark! An American dream is created with this glowing performance.

 Viewers weren’t shown the full audition, but we see Simon saying no to 3 yeses last time. Alex promises to tell a clear story this time. Ha ha. He’s from Eastern Europe, but goes full blown Patriotic America. He draws President Kennedy, and then we see a rocket lift off before Alex draws the world. A rocket appears and lands on the moon. The story is clear. He draws an astronaut with a flag, and then the big “mankind” speech. The episode was timed perfectly with the 50th anniversary. Dwayne calls him an “amazing” story teller. Alex is honest when asked why he chose the story. “Simon” he says simply. Ha ha. Luckily, Simon approves. “I got goose bumps on my goose bumps.”

Simon pulled the “come back with a different song” shtick on him. And Lamont wasn’t pleased, initially. He did it finally, and Simon was pleased.  Lamont plays it smart. Simon called him boring last time when he picked a typical song. This time, Lamont flips Pink’s “Walk Me Home” into a bluesy acoustic number. Julianne feels his voice isn’t filling the space. What? Gabrielle felt his performance had a lot of heart. Dwayne calls his voice “unassuming.” He thinks Lamont could take it to another level. Simon likes him and his voice, but felt the performance left me with nothing.” Huh. I’m surprised. “I don’t think I’m going to be fighting for you in the end. Howie disagrees. Lamont, says rightly, “maybe I should have stuck to my guns.” I thought the performance was pretty good. He’s got an unusual tone. I get the feeling Simon was just using him to create a couple of TV moments, which sucks. But that’s typical Simon.

The kiddos shout affirmations to themselves. Last time, Simon felt they lacked authenticity. This time, they chose songs that are a “little more personal”–and original song called “Simon says.”  They want to be the next One Direction. If they could lose the pageant vibes, they’d be better. Maybe in a few years. Ha I wonder who wrote this song for them. It’s a cute song that tells him off more or less.

Also, they express their fears about their future on the show. Gabrielle loved them even more this time. Dwyane loves their swag and confidence. Howie thinks their adorable, but couldn’t understand the words. He liked the first performance better. Simon calls it a “way way better audition than the first time.” He warns there’s a lot of competition. So that’s a no. 

Last time, he made beers appear and disappear. Oh. He’s moved up to cocktails. He takes the judges cocktail orders–they pick it off of a clip board. He uses the iPhone “Siri” as an assistant. She does jokes! And he pulls a card right out of the phone. She makes drinks too. This is pretty clever. Dwyane is on his feet. “This is the best magic I’ve ever seen,” he calls it “cool” and “innovative.” Gabrielle calls him “pure magic.” Simon felt it was not as dynamic as the first audition. 

The group is made up of disadvantaged youth from South Africa. They love their leader, who has made them believe in themselves. They love America a lot! They love hot dogs! The leader, who is white, notes they would have been arrested in apartheid South Africa. This is one of the best choirs to ever appear on AGT. They singing and choreography is superior. And their energy is so infectious. Julianne is impressed by their unity and collective-ness. Brad calls it beautiful and effortless. Gabrielle loves everything they represent. “Pure magic,” she says. If Simon could bottle them, he’d drink it every day. “I don’t think you could have done any more.” 

They BARELY made their audition. Their flight from Beirut lost their luggage. They haven’t slept or ate. Their dad is in the audience. Aw. The trio is so strong. The balancing poses look impossible. They waste little time stripping off their shirts. They know what the audience wants. heh. Good lawd. One brother is literally holding up another by his calf muscles. Yikes. Terry concurs that it’s mega hard to do that! The brothers invite their dad on stage.  HIS SHIRT IS COMING OFF. Ha ha. One last routine with all four. One brother is standing on another’s a**. They form a crazy family configuration. CRAZY. Gabrielle thanks the airlines for losing their shirts. “You did not disappoint. You upped your game by 100 percent.” Brad says he couldn’t to that with his sons when they were 2 and 4. Simon will never show the audition to his son Eric. He is impressed that they rose in a challenging situation.

He knows his look is “odd.” He sang “Imagine” for his audition. Oh. He’s singing an original this time. It’s called “Something Like Me.” It’s about people judging him over appearance. It’s a decent tune, he sings with passion. This song shows off his range. He’s better than the singer who preceded him, actually. Oh, he’s crying too, as the audience gives him a standing ovation. Brad calls him inspiring. Howie thinks he stepped it up by singing an original song. Julianne urges him to stay who he is. Simon was less excited when he watched his audition back. Singing original changes everything, he says. 

 He impressed the first time around. This time, he’s performing a routine inspired by his dad, who supported his dream. While staying in a hotel called the Dream Catcher, he dreamed about his dad’s death. Then her learned his dad had pancreatic cancer. He died a month later. He works with a hoop styled like a dream catcher. His dad’s voice from recordings narrate the act. This is different. His presentation, like last time, is elegant and artistic. Unsurprisingly, Matthew receives a standing ovation. Brad calls it moving and inspiring. Gabrielle says we’re watching him literally make his dreams come true. Simon confesses that he still talks to his late mom and dad. He thinks the act is worthy of headlining the main show. 

Hoop artist Matthew Richardson delivers a heart-wrenching performance to honor his late father who died of pancreatic cancer.

Fifteen year old calls herself “shy” but she’s actually a big Youtube influencer. She writes her own songs. During her audition, she impressed the judges with a talky rap thing. She calls the song she’s about to sing “the most personal out of all of them.” It’s about wanting to be along “Everything makes me so angry sometimes.” TEEN ANGST. She raps part of the song again. Her vibe reminds me a little of American Idol’s Catie Turner. but not as good, frankly. She gets a standing ovation for that. It was smart to bare her soul. “You just reached into our heats and snatched it out,” says Gabrielle. Simon thinks the song should have ended with “I don’t think about you anymore.” Oh hey Simon. Mansplain her feelings why don’t you. He claims he’s speaking as a father, and he means well. But still. Brad loved the line “Misfits have powers that are pretty rad.” Brad thinks she schooled so many people in the moment AND OH HECK SHE’S HIS GOLDEN BUZZER. Sophie is speechless. Dad is wiping away tears. 

Acrobatic duo from Budapest – We didn’t see their full audition, but apparently, Howie said no, calling it “wonky.” They work in their air with harnesses and grips. Oy. He holds up the girl by her hair and then drops her. She lands like a cat. Yeah, they meant to do that. The lady wants to hold Howie in his teeth. She pulls him high in the air. He’s freaking out. Heh. Howie will fight for them, if they promise not to use them in their act. Brad calls it “amazing.” Simon loved the danger. 

WHAT just happened?! Not only did Duo Togni breaks boundaries with this act, the aerial duo flew in the air via pulled hair and clenched TEETH!

Mysterion and Steffi Kay from The Sentimentalists return to win over the judges one more time!

Howie didn’t care for this act either. But they convinced Simon with one last trick. Steffie guesses that Brad chose a red marble out of a box. He becomes tonight’s volunteer. Brad is thinking of a photo from his phone. She guesses it’s a photo of a guitar and she’s correct. Brad is handed a piece of paper, which not only guesses the colors of the judges marbles, but also Brad’s guitar photo. Brad promises that he didn’t know a thing, “You aren’t getting anywhere near my wallet.” Howie is still not impressed, he doesn’t care for the presentation. Julianne promises to fight for them. 

Massive Dance Team Performs Stunning High Kick To Britney Spears – America's Got Talent 2019

They are high schoolers from Texas. Last time, Howie compared them unfavorably to the Rockettes. It wasn’t really a fair comparison.  The girls are ready to prove him wrong. There are SO MANY OF THEM and they manage to stay in sync. That in itself is impressive. They incorporate a little bit of ballet into the routine, and then end with a split. “Somebody’s in it to win it!” says Simon. Julianne is impressed, but feels it still has a bit of a “high school element.” Simon meows. C’mon, Julianne knows what she’s talking about. She advises them to up their fame. Gabrielle thinks they are worth fighting for. Howie still doesn’t think it’s enough to move on to the next level. Simon encourages the audience to boo. The girls get all giggly in front of Brad. “Howie can suck it,” he says. Simon thought their personalities made the performance. He’ll be fighting for them, along with Gabrielle. 

The quartet has been working hard to up their game, they say. They plan to take everybody to “the nightclub.” The perfectly imitate a club DJ, and it’s really canny? Where’s the turntable? Don’t need one. They do a clever rap about AGT. Inhuman sounds are emanating from this group. It’s impressive. The crowd is on their feet. Howie reminds people at home there is no track. Brad says their busting down doors. Simon thought the act only had a great ending. “I’m not sure that…will go viral they way it could.” Gabrielle and Julianne disagree. Both think they should have a chance to go through. 

Andy Rowell – Viral “Tequila” karaoke guy – This time the song is “Turn Down for What” and it’s incredibly lame. Why is he wasting our time? 

The Orange Magician – He wasn’t featured in the auditions either. He has a catchphrase “It’s good.” Brad asks, “How’s my music?” Hardy har har. He does some quick change stuff first. He’s annoying, but not without talent. I don’t care for the broad talent, but he is creative. Kids would love this. “I love the act, but you are so annoying when you talk,” says Simon. Brad calls it an allegory to Game of Thrones. Ha ha. “My little kids would flip out over this,” he says. Howie likes that he fits into a lot of categories.

Dog Act – Doggo Falco loves humans! He’s a cutie, but turning 10 soon and ready to retire. Aw. Lukas is 23 years old. Smartly, he decides to craft their routine around Simon’s favorite movie, The Greatest Showman. Lukas is dressed up in a circus outfit, he incorporates a cane and big colorful balls and barrels to execute the tricks. Lukas has his own tricks! He Juggles and tumbles. Simon can’t keep the grin off his face. He gives them a standing ovation. The tricks are ordinary, but that dang pupper is adorable. Brad notes it was smart to tailor the act to Simon. Howie mentions how Lucas had a bunch of tricks too. Gabrielle thinks they improved from the first time. Gabrielle calls his essence “special” and he deserves to be here. Simon thinks the Greatest Showman 2 should be made with dogs, adding Lukas couldn’t have done more. He plans to fight for the act.  

She Used to Be Mine from Waitress –  He’s a 12 year old singer from Garden City New York. He loves Broadway shows. He saw his first at six years old. His dream is to be on stage some day. He’s seen Kinky Boots eight times.  Julianne is his favorite judges.

Simon hits his red x. He’s been following the Houghs for ages. And of course, he’s her Golden Buzzer. So much for suspense! He sings in a beautiful, clear tenor. I hope his eventual voice change does not mess that up. His tone is lovely. He’s still imitative at his young age, and he tends to reach blindly for runs, but there’s a ton of potential there. Julianne is crying. Gabrielle shouts “YOU KILLED IT!” Howie compliments his poise. Simon doesn’t diss him for being “Broadway.” Heh. But he does warn him not to be generic. Julianne is so flattered that he looks up to her and brother Derek that she…..HITS HER GOLDEN BUZZER

Tonight it’s the LAST of the auditions. The remaining acts perform for America’s Got Talent 2019 Season 14 Auditions 6 episode on NBC. New judges Julianne Hough and Gabrielle Union join veterans Simon Cowelland Howie Mandel on the panel

He won Swedish Idol in 2017. He just turned 30. He looks older! His parents wanted him to join the family business. It hasn’t been easy. Except for that winning Swedish Idol thing–which of course he does not mention. His village was made up entirely of his family. I think he’s probably exaggerating. He was a fan of KISS. Is he really going to repeat “Imagine?” YAWN. It was his audition song for Swedish Idol, then he sang it again on the finale. It’s a nice version. I’ve heard better. I wish he’d sung something else. His voice has a nice tone, mixed with a bit of rasp. He’s got good range in his chest voice. Chris is very emotional, “This is weird.” As weird as Swedish Idol? Howie notes he wore his heart on his sleeve. Julianne felt his heart and passion. Simon thought he did something special with the song. – 4 yeses

The couple have appeared on Penn & Teller Fool Us. They are Steffie K and Mysterion. Steffie claims to have a mysterious relationship to her dead grandmother. “When Mysterion and I work together it magazines our powers,” she says. Sure.  He asks the audience and judges to draw something simple. Steffie has an image. She sees a tree. Oh look Gabrielle drew a tree. M drops the rest of the slips into a huge wind machine, in which Terry enters. He grabs one. And Steffie draws a heart, matching the image Terry grabbed. Hm. I bet all the slips somehow had hearts on them. Oh, but the attempt to prove it’s real by finding a person in the audience who drew a heart. Julianne calls them magical and mysterious. Howie found the presentation “weird.” Simon agrees with Howie. Uh oh. Simon thinks they need more imagination. There have definitely been better mentalists on AGT. Howie says No. Julianne and Gabrielle say yes. Mysterioso tries another trick to convince Simon. And Steffie guesses that Simon was thinking of the TV show Lassie. 3 yeses one no. Steffie “predicted” in their video package. 

Revolution Queens – Argentine Rhythm Group – The group is from Argentina. Although the spokesperson from the group barely has an accent!  The pick up their big drums from the back of the stage. There is more than drumming. The act is choreographed. OH THERE IS WHIPS. This is really wild. They ditch their drums and begin tapping. This routine is chaotic. They end with ropes with balls on the end, which they whip around wildly–some with their mouths. Crazy. The girls become very emotional, saying that the worked hard to get here. There are not many opportunities where they come from Gabrielle felt like they were literally dancing for their lives. Howie notes how the dance is usually performed by men. Simon advises them to never doubt their talent. – 4 yeses

 Singer – She’s a detention officer for the Tempe police department. Note: She made the Top 5 on Univision’s “La Reina De La Canción.” Olivia is 47 years old. Her mother and brothers are there with her. She lost her dad 4 years ago. Oh. She’s singing “My Way” in Spanish. Olivia has a pleasant voice. She’s strong on the high notes and pulls off a great big finish. After she points to heaven, presumably her dad. Julianne says she made the song her own. Howie confesses her style isn’t his cup of tea. He wishes her a ton of luck. He should say yes anyway! I don’t like it either, but she can sing. Olivia explains that she put her dream on hold to help take care of her dad. Simon loves her dramatic style. –  3 yeses a no from Howie. 

Gonzo is Japanese and has an interpreter with him. Fun fact: He was a contestant on the recent season of Britain’s Got Talent. Backstage, he rips off the tuxedo he was wearing to reveal…an outfit. He performed the exact same routine on BGT, only to “Living La Vida Loco.” He bangs himself all over his body, including running the instrument all up and down his face. That looks like it hurts. I mean, he’s pretty tricksy with that tambourine, but it’s really a one note joke. Howie is impressed with his intensity. Julianne can’t stop looking at his white sneakers. Gabrielle admires his level of commitment. “You played your face off.” Har har. “That was bonkers,” says Simon, pretending as if he never saw the act before. Terry dances along with him on stage. 4 yeses.

 They performed as friends, eventually fell in love, married and had a couple of kids. The dream is to produce their own shows. The act is part dance, party acrobatics. It’s  graceful and romantic. At one point, he swings her under his legs and up, holding her by her hands. The strength and agility exhibited here is impressive. The big trick–she balances on his forehead on one hand. Wow. The judges are up on their feet! Julianne calls them the best acrobatic act so far. “I am blown away.” Simon calls it “perfection.” He calls it a 10. Gabrielle wants to get her husband Dwayne in on the act. Howie calls it dangerous and scary. But he was thrilled.  – 4 yeses.

RA’ED – Singer – His comes from a family of professionals. He studied singing at school–even went on to get a masters. He looks super silly, however, like a joke act. His name is Lebanese. Currently, he drives a Hollywood tour bus. He sings for the customers. Oh gosh. He’s singing an original called “Celebration.” Uhm. No way he has a masters in singing. If he does, he wasted his money. This is really bad. OH THERE’S WHISTLING> The red Xs go off immediately, stopping him mid song. “I don’t know what that was,” says Simon. Julianne notes the whistling, comparing it to a dog call. “If it wasn’t for the singing, I’d like you,” says Simon. However, the crowd gives him a standing audition.

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