America’s Got Talent 2019 Season 14 Judge Cuts Performances

Tonight the America’s Got Talent 2019 Judge Cuts begin. Eighteen acts will perform for judges Howie Mandel, Gabrielle Union, Julianne Hough and Simon Cowell, but only SEVEN acts will advance to the live shows. This week’s special guest judge is country star Brad Paisley. He’s got the Golden Buzzer and the ability to advance ONE act straight through to the lives. Terry Crews hosts.

TIME FOR RESULTS. The judges “deliberate.” Always favorite, the staged, fake deliberation. 

Moving on to the next round

Sophie Pecora – Brad Paisley’s Golden Buzzer
Emerald Belles 
Messoudi Brothers
Lukas & Falco
NDLOVU Youth Choir
Chris Klafford

They BARELY made their audition. Their flight from Beirut lost their luggage. They haven’t slept or ate. Their dad is in the audience. Aw. The trio is so strong. The balancing poses look impossible. They waste little time stripping off their shirts. They know what the audience wants. heh. Good lawd. One brother is literally holding up another by his calf muscles. Yikes. Terry concurs that it’s mega hard to do that! The brothers invite their dad on stage.  HIS SHIRT IS COMING OFF. Ha ha. One last routine with all four. One brother is standing on another’s a**. They form a crazy family configuration. CRAZY. Gabrielle thanks the airlines for losing their shirts. “You did not disappoint. You upped your game by 100 percent.” Brad says he couldn’t to that with his sons when they were 2 and 4. Simon will never show the audition to his son Eric. He is impressed that they rose in a challenging situation.

He knows his look is “odd.” He sang “Imagine” for his audition. Oh. He’s singing an original this time. It’s called “Something Like Me.” It’s about people judging him over appearance. It’s a decent tune, he sings with passion. This song shows off his range. He’s better than the singer who preceded him, actually. Oh, he’s crying too, as the audience gives him a standing ovation. Brad calls him inspiring. Howie thinks he stepped it up by singing an original song. Julianne urges him to stay who he is. Simon was less excited when he watched his audition back. Singing original changes everything, he says. 

 He impressed the first time around. This time, he’s performing a routine inspired by his dad, who supported his dream. While staying in a hotel called the Dream Catcher, he dreamed about his dad’s death. Then her learned his dad had pancreatic cancer. He died a month later. He works with a hoop styled like a dream catcher. His dad’s voice from recordings narrate the act. This is different. His presentation, like last time, is elegant and artistic. Unsurprisingly, Matthew receives a standing ovation. Brad calls it moving and inspiring. Gabrielle says we’re watching him literally make his dreams come true. Simon confesses that he still talks to his late mom and dad. He thinks the act is worthy of headlining the main show. 

Hoop artist Matthew Richardson delivers a heart-wrenching performance to honor his late father who died of pancreatic cancer.

Fifteen year old calls herself “shy” but she’s actually a big Youtube influencer. She writes her own songs. During her audition, she impressed the judges with a talky rap thing. She calls the song she’s about to sing “the most personal out of all of them.” It’s about wanting to be along “Everything makes me so angry sometimes.” TEEN ANGST. She raps part of the song again. Her vibe reminds me a little of American Idol’s Catie Turner. but not as good, frankly. She gets a standing ovation for that. It was smart to bare her soul. “You just reached into our heats and snatched it out,” says Gabrielle. Simon thinks the song should have ended with “I don’t think about you anymore.” Oh hey Simon. Mansplain her feelings why don’t you. He claims he’s speaking as a father, and he means well. But still. Brad loved the line “Misfits have powers that are pretty rad.” Brad thinks she schooled so many people in the moment AND OH HECK SHE’S HIS GOLDEN BUZZER. Sophie is speechless. Dad is wiping away tears. 

Acrobatic duo from Budapest – We didn’t see their full audition, but apparently, Howie said no, calling it “wonky.” They work in their air with harnesses and grips. Oy. He holds up the girl by her hair and then drops her. She lands like a cat. Yeah, they meant to do that. The lady wants to hold Howie in his teeth. She pulls him high in the air. He’s freaking out. Heh. Howie will fight for them, if they promise not to use them in their act. Brad calls it “amazing.” Simon loved the danger. 

WHAT just happened?! Not only did Duo Togni breaks boundaries with this act, the aerial duo flew in the air via pulled hair and clenched TEETH!

Mysterion and Steffi Kay from The Sentimentalists return to win over the judges one more time!

Massive Dance Team Performs Stunning High Kick To Britney Spears – America's Got Talent 2019

They are high schoolers from Texas. Last time, Howie compared them unfavorably to the Rockettes. It wasn’t really a fair comparison.  The girls are ready to prove him wrong. There are SO MANY OF THEM and they manage to stay in sync. That in itself is impressive. They incorporate a little bit of ballet into the routine, and then end with a split. “Somebody’s in it to win it!” says Simon. Julianne is impressed, but feels it still has a bit of a “high school element.” Simon meows. C’mon, Julianne knows what she’s talking about. She advises them to up their fame. Gabrielle thinks they are worth fighting for. Howie still doesn’t think it’s enough to move on to the next level. Simon encourages the audience to boo. The girls get all giggly in front of Brad. “Howie can suck it,” he says. Simon thought their personalities made the performance. He’ll be fighting for them, along with Gabrielle. 

The quartet has been working hard to up their game, they say. They plan to take everybody to “the nightclub.” The perfectly imitate a club DJ, and it’s really canny? Where’s the turntable? Don’t need one. They do a clever rap about AGT. Inhuman sounds are emanating from this group. It’s impressive. The crowd is on their feet. Howie reminds people at home there is no track. Brad says their busting down doors. Simon thought the act only had a great ending. “I’m not sure that…will go viral they way it could.” Gabrielle and Julianne disagree. Both think they should have a chance to go through. 

The Orange Magician – He wasn’t featured in the auditions either. He has a catchphrase “It’s good.” Brad asks, “How’s my music?” Hardy har har. He does some quick change stuff first. He’s annoying, but not without talent. I don’t care for the broad talent, but he is creative. Kids would love this. “I love the act, but you are so annoying when you talk,” says Simon. Brad calls it an allegory to Game of Thrones. Ha ha. “My little kids would flip out over this,” he says. Howie likes that he fits into a lot of categories.

Dog Act – Doggo Falco loves humans! He’s a cutie, but turning 10 soon and ready to retire. Aw. Lukas is 23 years old. Smartly, he decides to craft their routine around Simon’s favorite movie, The Greatest Showman. Lukas is dressed up in a circus outfit, he incorporates a cane and big colorful balls and barrels to execute the tricks. Lukas has his own tricks! He Juggles and tumbles. Simon can’t keep the grin off his face. He gives them a standing ovation. The tricks are ordinary, but that dang pupper is adorable. Brad notes it was smart to tailor the act to Simon. Howie mentions how Lucas had a bunch of tricks too. Gabrielle thinks they improved from the first time. Gabrielle calls his essence “special” and he deserves to be here. Simon thinks the Greatest Showman 2 should be made with dogs, adding Lukas couldn’t have done more. He plans to fight for the act.  

She Used to Be Mine from Waitress –  He’s a 12 year old singer from Garden City New York. He loves Broadway shows. He saw his first at six years old. His dream is to be on stage some day. He’s seen Kinky Boots eight times.  Julianne is his favorite judges.

Simon hits his red x. He’s been following the Houghs for ages. And of course, he’s her Golden Buzzer. So much for suspense! He sings in a beautiful, clear tenor. I hope his eventual voice change does not mess that up. His tone is lovely. He’s still imitative at his young age, and he tends to reach blindly for runs, but there’s a ton of potential there. Julianne is crying. Gabrielle shouts “YOU KILLED IT!” Howie compliments his poise. Simon doesn’t diss him for being “Broadway.” Heh. But he does warn him not to be generic. Julianne is so flattered that he looks up to her and brother Derek that she…..HITS HER GOLDEN BUZZER

He won Swedish Idol in 2017. He just turned 30. He looks older! His parents wanted him to join the family business. It hasn’t been easy. Except for that winning Swedish Idol thing–which of course he does not mention. His village was made up entirely of his family. I think he’s probably exaggerating. He was a fan of KISS. Is he really going to repeat “Imagine?” YAWN. It was his audition song for Swedish Idol, then he sang it again on the finale. It’s a nice version. I’ve heard better. I wish he’d sung something else. His voice has a nice tone, mixed with a bit of rasp. He’s got good range in his chest voice. Chris is very emotional, “This is weird.” As weird as Swedish Idol? Howie notes he wore his heart on his sleeve. Julianne felt his heart and passion. Simon thought he did something special with the song. – 4 yeses

The couple have appeared on Penn & Teller Fool Us. They are Steffie K and Mysterion. Steffie claims to have a mysterious relationship to her dead grandmother. “When Mysterion and I work together it magazines our powers,” she says. Sure.  He asks the audience and judges to draw something simple. Steffie has an image. She sees a tree. Oh look Gabrielle drew a tree. M drops the rest of the slips into a huge wind machine, in which Terry enters. He grabs one. And Steffie draws a heart, matching the image Terry grabbed. Hm. I bet all the slips somehow had hearts on them. Oh, but the attempt to prove it’s real by finding a person in the audience who drew a heart. Julianne calls them magical and mysterious. Howie found the presentation “weird.” Simon agrees with Howie. Uh oh. Simon thinks they need more imagination. There have definitely been better mentalists on AGT. Howie says No. Julianne and Gabrielle say yes. Mysterioso tries another trick to convince Simon. And Steffie guesses that Simon was thinking of the TV show Lassie. 3 yeses one no. Steffie “predicted” in their video package. 

 Singer – She’s a detention officer for the Tempe police department. Note: She made the Top 5 on Univision’s “La Reina De La Canción.” Olivia is 47 years old. Her mother and brothers are there with her. She lost her dad 4 years ago. Oh. She’s singing “My Way” in Spanish. Olivia has a pleasant voice. She’s strong on the high notes and pulls off a great big finish. After she points to heaven, presumably her dad. Julianne says she made the song her own. Howie confesses her style isn’t his cup of tea. He wishes her a ton of luck. He should say yes anyway! I don’t like it either, but she can sing. Olivia explains that she put her dream on hold to help take care of her dad. Simon loves her dramatic style. –  3 yeses a no from Howie. 

Gonzo is Japanese and has an interpreter with him. Fun fact: He was a contestant on the recent season of Britain’s Got Talent. Backstage, he rips off the tuxedo he was wearing to reveal…an outfit. He performed the exact same routine on BGT, only to “Living La Vida Loco.” He bangs himself all over his body, including running the instrument all up and down his face. That looks like it hurts. I mean, he’s pretty tricksy with that tambourine, but it’s really a one note joke. Howie is impressed with his intensity. Julianne can’t stop looking at his white sneakers. Gabrielle admires his level of commitment. “You played your face off.” Har har. “That was bonkers,” says Simon, pretending as if he never saw the act before. Terry dances along with him on stage. 4 yeses.

 They performed as friends, eventually fell in love, married and had a couple of kids. The dream is to produce their own shows. The act is part dance, party acrobatics. It’s  graceful and romantic. At one point, he swings her under his legs and up, holding her by her hands. The strength and agility exhibited here is impressive. The big trick–she balances on his forehead on one hand. Wow. The judges are up on their feet! Julianne calls them the best acrobatic act so far. “I am blown away.” Simon calls it “perfection.” He calls it a 10. Gabrielle wants to get her husband Dwayne in on the act. Howie calls it dangerous and scary. But he was thrilled.  – 4 yeses.

Death Delivers Side-Splitting Humor On AGT, Receives BUZZERS! – America's Got Talent 2019

Ben Trigger dazzles us all with his GOLDEN burlesque performance.

Lukas Pratschker and his dog Falco are based in Vienna. Lukas is 22 and Falco is 9! They’ve been together since Lukas was a kid. He was afraid of dogs. So his dad went ahead and…got a dog. But once Falco joined the household, he was won over. Lukas started training him. They do a cowboy themed routine with a lasso to “Footloose.” . The pupper is a adorable. And so youthful for a 9 year old! The tricks aren’t that impressive, but the two are kind of cute together. Gabrielle has 5 dogs at home! Howie loved it. Julianne thought it was “energetic.” The dog takes a victory lap around the stage. So cute. Simon notes the dogs great personality. – 4 yeses.

Tween singer – Teb year old Emanne Beasha lives in Florida with her parents and previously won Arabs Got Talent season 5. Not said in her video package: She was born in Jordan. Probably better to leave her Arab heritage out of it. She’s a kid opera singer like Jackie Evancho. She sings Nessun dorma like practically every opera singer on these shows. She doesn’t sound as weirdly adult as Jackie did. Her voice is still very youthful. She’ll be better in a few years. “How does that voice come out of that little body,” says Julianne. Simon calls her “absolutely fantastic.” Her grandmother was an opera fan, that’s how she got into it. Gabrielle calls her a star. Julianne was “mesmerized, captivating.” She compliments her confidence. “Don’t lose that,” she say. – 4 yeses 

This psychologist duo helps people get over their fears using virtual reality. The duo are from Rome Italy. Howie, being the germophobic neurotic, helps them on stage. Howie is afraid of heights, so they put him in a virtual grand canyon. They help him cross the canyon by himself, where he saves a guy. HE HAS TO TOUCH HIS HAND. Howie is not into this. Howie admits he was terrified, but it was enveloping. And as a supporter of mental health, he’s impressed. Gabrielle was on the edge of her seat. Julianne calls it “so much fun.” Simon thought it was cool, and entertaining. “It was even better seeing Howie look silly.” 

IDEGO combined technology and psychology to create life-changing experiences through VR!

The group formed in 2009 from the rural village of Moutse, Limpopo South Africa. The kids in the group grew up in poverty. It’s challenging. Many of the kids parents have passed away. One of the members shares how his parent passed and he had to take care of his siblings. Another says the choir helped her “find her voice.” They perform a song titled “Our African Dream.” The group is pretty talented and well put together. Simon looks in love! Gabrielle says, “This whole place was rooting for you, and you did not disappoint.” Julianne felt their authenticity and joy, “You transported us,” she says. Howie says, “I love the color and I love the sound.” Simon says he’s always been waiting for a choir like them, “This was a great audition.” – 4 yeses. 

Soul singer Lamon Landers hails from Alabama and previously appeared on FOX’s Showtime at the Apollo. He turned to music after his parents divorced. He’s been gigging non-stop for the past few years. Music is his full-time gig. He sings Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together,” with a sweet, soulful tenor. Simon calls the song safe, and “guesses” correctly that he plays with a band. “You don’t take risks,” says Simon, calling his selection “a wedding song.” Oh boy. This shtick is so overplayed. This time though, Lamont is resisting and saying he’d rather play another song right that minute. Ha ha. He knows b******* when he sees it. Lamont admits to Terry that he might just walk. “He’s really getting on my nerves,” says Simon. TIME FOR A COMMERCIAL. We see Lamont backstage with a music producer saying he wished he had more time to prepare. He’s back on stage. Simon admits that he likes his voice, even though they didn’t “get on at first.” He starts off singing. Simon stops him again, and suggests he shake it out, and sing slower. Lamont needs to tune his guitar. He’s singing Robyn’s “Dancing on My Own.” The first song was pretty good. But this performance has more emotional resonance. The panel gives him a standing ovation. Julieanne compares him to an egg that they’re cracking open slowly. Lamont says he’s humbled and loves a challenge. Howie felt he stepped it up “10 levels.” Gabrielle said he “blew us all away.” Simon thinks he has a “fear of failure” and that the “door just opened for you a little.” Lamont apologizes to the audience. – 4 yeses

The pressure is ON! The singer from Huntsville, Alabama learned a new song in UNDER 30 minutes and performed it in front of America.

Guglielmo & Madame Daggers Sideshow Opera took the note 'B SHARP' literally. 

The married couple are an opera singer and violinist respectively. But it was hard to make a living performing classical music. The begin performing together…and I smell a set up! Yup. They’re actually a knife act.  He keeps singing in front of a board, she tosses knives at him. First with her hands, then with her feet. This act is mildly amusing, I suppose. The climax is throwing a flaming knife while blindfolded. She’s a self-taught knife thrower. Howie likes them. “I love you,” says Gabrielle. “For every wife who wants to throw sharp things at her husband, I thank you.” Julianne says a crazy look in her eye before she began tossing knives “I get it, this is why he fell in love with you.” Simon thinks he’s a bad singer, and Nick’s feelings seem really hurt. Simon says no. the rest say yes.  Simon asks Lindsay to throw a knife at him with her feet. “This will turn into a yes if you don’t kill me.” Good lord, she missed him by a mile. Her knife throwing skills are suspect – 4 yeses

The young choir from Detroit perform an unexpected rendition of “Can’t Hold Us” by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, and earn a well-deserved Golden Buzzer from Michigan’s own Terry Crews!

This French beatbox crew is based in Toulouse, France. They competed in the Italian TV talent show Tú sí que vales. They also won the beatbox battle world championship in crew category in 2018.  They make some unhuman sounding noises–really unique percussive sounds are coming from this group. They need some singers. I couldn’t handle a steady diet of this. “It was amazing, I had so much fun,” says Gabrielle. Howie calls it exciting and unexpected. Julianne notes how they changed tempo several times. Simon thinks they could put DJs out of business. “This is ahead of the times.” He calls them a “cool Pentatonix.” Hm. Pentatonix is plenty cool enough. – 4 yeses.

Dad, mom, two kiddos and a bunch of POODLES make fun for everyone. Simon loves his dog acts. Ha ha. A married couple run the review with their two adorable kids. The little girl is an expert animal herder, while the boy performs tumbling feats with help from the puppers. There are poodles jumping through hoops, over hurdles and dancing on their front legs. Gabrielle says, “You guys delivered!” Julianne says, “I was losing my mind! That was so fun.” Howie calls the family “amazing and adorable.” Simon thinks it’s important that people understand that dogs are like humans. He notes that the terrier of the bunch doesn’t really do anything. “He’s the star,” Simon quips – 4 yeses

They are all veteran or active members of the military. They sing to help military who come back from duty with injuries or PTSD. They started their group when active in Afghanistan.  The female member has a good voice. The harmonies could use some work, though. Howie thanks them for their service. Gabrielle “I can’t thank you enough for all of it,” she says. Julianne calls what they are doing “phenomenal.” Simon calls their story and message “stunning” and “this is what we need right now.” Simon adds, “You’ve got 4000 yesses.” – 4 yeses.

They take the stage, and don’t talk at all. They launch into a highly precise robotic dance. They exhibit lots of control. Those robotic moves look easy, but they really aren’t. Ohhh. One of the dances can contort. Another guy leans back and holds a pose that looks IMPOSSIBLE. Wow. That was some clever choreography. After they say Jabbawockeez inspired them to become dancers. Juliane calls the moves “articulate, impactful and tight.” Simon says they have “imagination.” He thanks them for coming on the show. Howie calls them “talent.” Gabrielle says, “You came to slay and we are deceased.” 

 He is claiming to be a singer. But SPOILER. He’s really a Chicago based comedian. He says karaoke is how he learned to sing. He fires up a karaoke machine. It plays the instrumental “Tequila” and all he adds is the word from the chorus in the most deadpan voice. Not very clever, actually. Terry doing the Pee Wee dance backstage is more entertaining. Simon says “I want to hear a whole album…It was so stupid, I loved it.” Julianne calls it brilliant. She’s impressed that his simple bit got the crowd so hype. Uh. The AGT audience is pretty easy to win over, especially with producers on the floor hyping them up. I’m just saying!  “Song choice is always important,” says Howie. He sarcastically compliments his exuberance, but adds that he loved it. – 4 yeses

SOS – Magician – He does “kind of magic.” Oh. His parents are the quick change people Sos and Victoria quick change act from season 11. His best friend growing up was magic. But his parents have been his idol. SOS does card tricks. As far as card magic is concerned, he’s OK. He’s no Shin Lim. But OK.  His thing is cards changing colors and sizes. It’s a high energy act. Gabrielle calls it like “nothing we’ve seen yet this season.” Howie says, “You did a great job.” Julianne calls it a “full blown spectacle show.” Simon loved everything about his presentation. Backstage, SOS becomes very emotional, calling it the “best day of my life.” – 4 yeses

Melissa Arlett – Rat Lady – Her three rats are part of her act. Ew. She’s single, but at the end of a long day, she has her rats. No likey the rats. She names them after diseases. Well, it’s not like she picked them up off the street. Domesticated rats are definitely a thing. So this is like a dog act…but with rats. She finishes with a headstand. Her spread legs form a bridge for the rat to cross. The thing is, rats are known to be very intelligent. It’s why they’ll survive after humans are long gone. Howie calls it entertaining and unique. Gabrielle calls Henta the rat a star. Julianne says “HASHTAG I LIKE WEIRD!” Simon calls it “bonkers.” He believes rats are actually sweet and have a bad rap. – 4 yeses.

After all the rejected singers, 12 year old Ansley is nervous to sing in front of Simon. Ansley used to sing in church in her small South Carolina town. Ansley went viral last year after her mom posted a video of Ansley singing “Cry Pretty.” Carrie Underwood gave her props on Twitter.Simon complains about the backing track. But it feels like a bit to stir up some drama. “That was terrible,” Simon tells her. He suggests that she sing a’cappella, but Ansley looks unsure. Simon gives up his big cup of Dunkin Donuts water, which gives her a little courage. With the audience cheering her on, she sings without the track. She has a big voice, but at this point, she’s too imitative and pageantry. She needs a few years. She cries with relief at the end. Simon calls her a little fighter. “You’re an amazing person,” says Howie. Gabrielle compliments her level of professionalism. It’s true, she handled all that really well. “You absolutely crushed it,” says Julianne. Simon says, “We’re going to remember you.” – 4 yeses.

Joseph put his best foot forward and earned the Golden Buzzer from Howie Mandel

21 year old from Texas is a singer/songwriter. He was the youngest of 12 in a blended family. He has won motocross racing. He taught himself how to produce music. He makes a deal with Terry. If he gets the Golden Buzzer, the host will come out and stage and hug him. Well, obviously that’s going to happen, because we’re at the end of the show. Duh. He performs an original song about the world knowing his name. He drops the judges names into the rap part. The song is so fully tailored to the show, with an uplifting message. I guess that’s why he gets the Golden Buzzer. Oh, He cries at the end. It’s all very dramatic. Julianne is crying. So maybe she’ll hit her buzzer. Julianne thinks there is a generation of Millenials putting good out into the world. Simon calls his energy “amazing.” Howie calls his smile “electric.” He says, “Life is a series of moments…..” OK it’s Howie. Howie hits his golden buzzer for Joseph. Terry comes out to give him that hug. 

This frightening magician performs with Gabrielle Union and scares judges with insane magic.

Tonight, he will attempt to contact the OTHER SIDE. Mwahahaha. The act involves a creepy doll. Oh noes, He uncovers a rocking chair. It’s haunted! He tells the chair’s story this is obviously totally made up. He convinces Gabrielle to sit in the chair, and he blindfolds her. When he touches the dolls arm…Gabrielle mysteriously raises her arm. Having to do with a sensation? Is it some sort of electronic buzzy thing triggered by the doll? Possibly, Julianne has no idea how that happened. Simon calls him “creepy” and “weird” as a compliment. Gabrielle explains her part of the act, “I got touched a bunch.” 3 yeses probably 4? Gabrielle never says.

Former Britain’s Got Talent and America’s Got Talent contestants Light Balance from Ukraine has an offshoot made up of kids. The Light Balance director wants to give the kids of Ukraine hope. Life there is still very hard, he says. It’s a cute act, with dancing to “Another One Bites the Dust.” There is also flying. It’s the usually awe-inspiring creativity we’ve come to expect from Light Balance. Gabrielle calls them “perfect.” Julianne is impressed with their “technicality.” Simon can’t believe the entire troupe is children. 4 yeses

From, Indianapolis, he was born with a “birth defect in my arms” he says. He learned as a young person, if he made the jokes first, others couldn’t. “I used to juggle chainsaws,” he jokes. He wanted to be a wrestler and was going to call himself the “cripple threat.” Also: My mom is Irish, and my dad was a lobster.” He’s a natural on stage. After he gets a standing ovation. Simon wonders why he hasn’t gotten a break.  Ryan says he freaks out bookers. Simon says, “They have the disability, not you.” Howie calls him “brilliant, funny, a star…I believe you should be in the finals.” Gabrielle wants to know his tour dates. Julianne calls him the real deal. 4 yeses. 

She’s 63 years old and has a 4 octave range. She joined a group at 17, but they broke up. She quit show business to put her children first. Surprise! Y’all think you were getting a straight musical act. She limps off stage (her foot is injured) to “get ready.” When she FINALLY comes back, she’s dressed in a “Victor/Victoria” getup and then proceeds to put that 4 octave range to use. She performs both parts of the “Unforgettable” duet. This sort of thing has been done before. Even on AGT, I’m pretty sure. “I love being surprised” Simon says after giving her a standing ovation. “You’re rad,” says Julianne. “I love it,” says Gabrielle. Howie compliments her range. “I want to say to both of you, it’s a yes,” says Simon – 4 yeses. 

These kiddos between the ages of 10-12 are from Canada and are SUPER BEST FRIENDS!!! They all have Spice Girls-like nicknames. They sing an original song about “going to the top together and never letting each other down.” It’s all very Kidz Bop with dance moves and rapping. Julianne loves their female empowerment. Gabrielle has an 11 year old. She calls them “rock stars.” Hoo boy. The crying starts. “You made me feel like a little girl again,” says Howie. – 4 yeses

The trio’s parents formed a handstand act in Australia. The boys are following in their footsteps. The father used to be part of their act, before he retired a few months ago.    The boys strip off their shirts before performing the harder bits. Nobody seems to mind. They pile on top of each other like a man-tower. These dudes are strong. At one point, they perform a configuration that literally looks impossible! How do they keep their balance? You delivered the WOW says Gabrielle. “You tick every single box,” says Simon. Julianne notes how special it is to work with a sibling (Derek!) Howie says, “You did an amazing job.” After receiving their yeses, they incorporate Terry into one last act! He’s really strong too. Check out the pec action. They competed on Arabs Got Talent earlier this year. – 4 yeses

The show kicks off with Terry wheeling a suitcase out center stage. Jonathan is inside of it, folded up like a lawn chair! “Are you considered carry on?” quips Howie.  He does a bit with 80s music and a toilet seat. Contortionists freak me out, to be honest.  Next he pushes himself through a tennis racquet. The crowd goes wild, but it’s really kind of lame? He strips off clothing between each bit, tossing his 80s style headbands out to the judges. It ends with him stripping off his underwear out from his gym shorts. Not impressed. “We all want to see more!” says Gabrielle.   “That was like Napoleon Dynamite,” but bendy, says Julianne. Howie calls him memorable. “Talent is about people having a great time,” says Simon. Jonathan has competed on the France Got Talent franchise – 4 yeses.

 Benicio says nobody in his family has any musical talent. He watches Simon reject a young girl singing “Country Roads.” He claims to perform only at local coffee shops, like he’s never been on TV before. Benicio was the runner-up on The Voice Kids Germany in 2018. He also performed “The Joke” with Brandi Carlile on Late Night with Seth Meyers in 2018.

He’s only 14, I won’t dunk on him for that. He sings “The Joke,” a song he’s performed before. Even with Brandi Carlile herself on Late Night. He’s got great tone and range, and sings with surprising urgency for a tween. Julianne calls him the “entire package.” Gabrielle calls him “incredibly talented.” Howie calls him “amazing.” Simon saw how scared he was, “but you put it together.” Simon compares him to Harry Styles, “You’re a real find.” Yeah. Simon thought so much of Harry back when he auditioned for X Factor UK years ago, that he tossed him into a manufactured boyband. – 4 yeses

 Kodie is 22. Mom helps him out on stage. She explains that he is blind and autistic. He loved music early on, and began singing and playing. Music has saved his life, she says. He sits at the piano and performs “A Song for You.” So yeah. He’s a savant. He’s a better piano player than singer. Actually, if he were able bodied, he probably wouldn’t get through the bookers. But he has a nice falsetto. Kodie gets a big ovation. The only question is which judge will hit their golden buzzer, right? Howie calls him a great inspiration and talent. Julianne “feels” his heart and passion. “I heard you and I felt you.” Simon calls it “extraordinary” and his voice “fantastic.” Gabrielle is a new judge and a new mom, so she relates. GABRIELLE RELATES SO MUCH SHE HITS HER GOLDEN BUZZER. Aw. Kodie is jumping up and down, he’s so happy. Kodie goes straight to the live shows. 

Brian Miser works along with his wife. He’s been a thrill seeker all of his life. Lucky for him, the wife is a registered nurse. He’s broken 18 bones. At 55, he’s feeling the wear and tear. If he wins, he plans to retire. He lights himself on fire while his wife shoots him out of a catapult. He has bruised ribs right now…after slipping in a puddle.

The act takes place outside of the theater. He will fly 110 feet in the air while lit on fire. I bet this is a two parter. AND YEP. After he’s set on fire and shot off…here comes Haley Reinhart’s car commercial. OK we’re back. He flies through the air, and lands on his back, right where he is supposed to. He’s still on fire, which I am sure is part of the act. Assistants put out the fire with extinguishers. And of course he’s OK. Back inside, Howie calls it “thrilling.” Gabrielle says, “You wowed the audience.” Julianne calls it “ridiculously amazing.” Simon wants to know where he goes next. “Toledo,” he quips. Next time, Simon wants him to jump over something that could eat him. 4 yeses.

Ginzilla – Fabulous and gender fluid. Appeared on X Factor UK 2018 – Ginzilla is from Australia. “I’m a 7 foot ginger bearded glam monster.” OK!

Godzilla’s mother was ‘very strong.” Ginzilla means “absolute freedom” and is the love child of Jessica Rabbit and Chuck Norris. Ginzilla sings “She’s a Lady” in a big booming masculine voice. This is pretty crazy. And funny. Simon will keep this act around for a little while, I suspect. Howie thinks Ginzilla could go “really far.” Julianne sees Ginzilla in Vegas. Simon calls it “fantastic” and acts like he never saw the act before. Hm. “You should get used to this kind of reaction,” says Gabrielle. 4 yeses.

Patrizio Ratto – Dancer – Italian guy goes on about studying classical piano and loving Beethoven as a kid. He starts playing a standard classical piece, but then breaks out the crazy moves. He stips off and begins to pop and lock.

I would say that was unexpected, except I had looked him up on the internet a few days so….Yeah, he’s actually a dancer. He ends the performance on one knee playing one last note. Julianne felt he executed his dancing well. Howie felt it was a seamless mixture of disparate art forms. Gabrielle calls him “sexy.” He’s single! “Without people like you, we don’t have a show,” says Simon. – 4 yeses

Liz Chuday – Comedian – For some reason, she’s barking. Julianne hardly wastes time hitting the buzzer.

Purgatory – Dressed in a black beatnik getup, who knows what’s going on. Oh they’re singing “meow meow meow.”  Julianne buzzes them right away, and isn’t even nice about it. Simon loves them!

Insta Girl – We only got about a second of that, before Julianne hits the ole buzzer.

Sophie Pecora – 15 – Singing Youtube star – She was a shy child, and started a Youtube channel where she performed her original songs. She’ll be singing a self-penned song tonight. She wants to tour around the world, singing her own songs called “7th Grade.” 

Oh. She’s an acoustic rapper. Or whatever that talk/singing thing she’s doing is. It’s a page out of diary. She reminds me a little of the AGT 2016 winner Grace Vanderwaal. She was 12 years old and sang all original songs that were also little slices of tween life.  After, she gets a big standing ovation. Gabrielle says “You spoke to me, and I’m 46. You held us all captive.” Howie calls her unique, but really relatable. Julianne calls her music truth, which is why it resonated. Simon likes her “cool” delivery. – 4 yeses

Eric Chien – 26 – Magician – He’s from Houston. As a kid, he loved watching magic on TV. Magic helped him get through tough times. He was drafted by Taiwan into the military. It was hard. He’s aware the winner last year was also a magician, It makes him even more nervous. He’s still getting used to big audiences–only performing for 6 months.

Poor dude is SUPER AWKWARD and obviously nervous. He does card tricks too. Just like Shin. Once he got going, he lost the nerves, and he’s actually pretty good. He does a thing where the backs of the cards magically change color. And cards just freaking disappear into thin air. Also cards turn into coins and vice versa. AND HIS VEST KEPT CHANGING COLORS. That was crazy. Howie likes his sincerity. Gabrielle calls him “magic….you are amazing.” Julianne assures him, he doesn’t have to compare himself to anyone.” Simon calls it “a different level” and “you’re one of the best we’ve ever had.” 4 yeses. 

Greg has been waiting for his big break all of his life! He’s doing a Star Wars bit that isn’t very funny. He’s sorta getting the voices down. He also does sound effects. It’s not really an act? The bit comes off more like an audition reel. Which is actually what this probably is. Greg says he wants to do voices for a living. Maybe the exposure will help. The judges are standing for him. AND HE’S CRYING. This is a little weird. Howie can’t believe there isn’t a banner in Vegas with his headline on it. Gabrielle assures him “This is your turn.” Julianne would buy a ticket to his show right now. Simon calls it a “very special moment.” 4 yeses

WHAT just happened?! This JAW-DROPPING dance group from Mumbai, India blows minds with incredible flips!

The HILARIOUS Jackie Fabulous delivers relatable jokes about her family.

Take your shot at stardom

America's Got Talent 2019 Season 14 Just Announced, Sign Up 

Gabrielle Union & Julianne Hough Replace Heidi Klum & Mel B As Judges; Terry Crews Takes Over From Tyra Banks As Host For 2019 Season

America's got new judges and new talent that will make history.

AGT premieres May 28 on NBC.

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Lindsay Spence Next year No Singing Please!!! There are plenty of other singing competition shows. I like seeing the other stuff much much better.

Kathy McClain AGT needs some new judges! They're using that Golden Buzzer on acts that they should nit. But hey, I'm not a judge officially. Also, too many singers are going through. This is not American Idol!

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