America’s Got Talent 2019 Quarterfinals RESULTS: Who is Eliminated?

America’s Got Talent 2018 Recap Live Quarterfinals 3 Results Videos

America’s Got Talent LIVE Quarterfinals  2 RESULTS will be revealed tonight. Last night, twelve contestants performed in front of judges Howie Mandel, Gabrielle Union, Julianne Hough and Simon Cowell for YOUR votes.  Terry Crews hosts.

When it comes right down to it–I don’t want to listen to a little kid singing opera. Yes, I felt the exact same way about Jackie Evancho. I’m not an opera fan, but obviously it’s the experience and training that makes a great singer. A tween can’t cut it. Shouldn’t have to cut it, really. The judges are on their feet. Simon says “You’re on a different planet from everyone else.” He compared it to watching the Olympics. “If you don’t get through, I will eat this judging table.” Julianne calls her an “icon” at 10 years old. Gabrielle says she just created millions of opera fans with her voice. Howie calls her an amazing talent. Hyperbole much? 

Mackenzie discovered his passion for music in church. Tonight he’s singing “Life on Mars” by David Bowie. Bold song choice. Last time he oversang. So far, it’s a strong, but restrained performance. He hits some big notes, but keeps it cool. Nice job. Simon looks bored. Howie says, “You have an amazing instrument.” But he’s worried America won’t think it’s enough. Gabrielle assures him that he’s enough, “We need America to vote.” Julianne loves his powerful, but subtle voice. However, she didn’t feel connected tonight. Simon only liked the last 20 seconds of the song. Eh. I liked that he didn’t scream his way through the song this time. 

Matthew is back. In his video package, Matthew reveals he’s had two major injuries. Tonight, he’ll do something he hasn’t done before. Tonight’s act involves glitter and water and Matthew’s elegant and athletic moves on his giant hoop. Simon buzzed him? Why? He’s ridiculous. This is beautiful to watch. He ends, taking the hoop high in the air and finally down again. Julianne is on her feet. “You do belong. I think it shows tenacity,” she says. Simon can’t see it going any further. The crowd boos him. Rightfully. Julianne begins arguing with him. Gabrielle calls it “spicy.” Heh. “Jennifer Beals Flashdance realness,” she says. Howie agrees with Simon.

They perform a classical piece, but sped up. This quartet really does take beatboxing to another level. It’s hard to believe there is no additional percussion. This is a very weird performance though. They slip into “Old Town Road,” but perform it like an opera. Odd, but good. Julianne thought it felt more intimate and technical. America may not get it, she says. She’s right. Simon compares them to Marmite– people will either love it or hate it. He’s rooting for them, however. Howie was impressed. “Have you thought of a tambourine.” OK Howie. That’s enough. “Y’all killed it!” says Gabrielle. 

Marcin Patrzalek  – Teen guitar wiz – He’s been writing music since he was 12. He can be inspired by anything! The young musician delivers another jaw dropping performance on the guitar. WATCH HIS FINGERS FLY. Oh my. He should make the final. Gabrielle is blown away. “You are such a rockstar.” Julianne gets up to dance. She can’t help herself! “You create what other creators pull from…artistry at its finest,” she says. Simon thought the song was all over the place, but technically, he’s one of the most talented ever. “Ever thought about the tambourine?” snarks Howie. 

Eric Chien – Magician – He was raised in America, but born in Taiwan. He had to go back for mandatory military service. He couldn’t bring cards with him, so he learned to use found objects, and it helped his creativity immensely.  Julianne will serve as his assistant tonight.

This time, Eric works magic with M & Ms. He creates mini rubiks cubes out of the candy. Julianne mixes up the cubes. Eric sucks them up into a container and they come out…solved of course! And then he turns the cubes back into chocolates. Pretty cool. Howie calls it crazy “Magic melts in your hands, not in your mouth.” He thinks there is room for TWO magicians tonight. Gabrielle was not disappointed, “You raised the level of competition.” Simon thinks Dom was better than Eric. He’s getting bored. Uh oh. Simon just threw him under the bus. “I don’t know how you did that,” says Julianne, who was sitting next to him. Eric promises, if he makes it to the semis, to make the act bigger


In Benicio’s video package, he sings the National Anthem at a Mariners game. His dad is so proud! Tonight, he’s singing another original song. His originals have actually been pretty good. His vocals are high, strong and sweet. He sings with surprising emotion for a young teen. He reminds me a little of that Greyson Chance from a few years ago. Julianne has been waiting for this moment! She calls it “risky.” She thinks he did an “unbelievable” job. Simon says, “I love you…you have a natural talent.” He would have stripped the song down more, though. “You have a great future ahead of you.” Howie didn’t respond to the song. He really doesn’t go for original songs, it seems. Gabrielle calls him a rock star. “You have it.”

Dom Chambers – Magician – His shtick is all about using everyday items. He’s keenly aware that Eric Chien, the close up magician, is big time competition. This week, he will huge BIG pieces. He’s using a screen to create many versions of himself. Oh. He’s doing quick change with a video screen. Terry Crews helps out with the act. The screen, Brady Bunch style, contains photos of various AGT alums. Everyone is supposed to point to a photo after a confusing set of instructions. Apparently, everyone was pointing at Tape Face. And Dom was so sure he was the pick, there’s Tape Face, in the studio in person! Dom also predicted that Simon would NOT stand up.  I’m not sure what happened there, but it seemed sorta cool? Julianne says, “You make magic cool.” Simon says, “I swear to God this was not planned. It was genius. Your best performance by a mile.” Howie says. “You are amazing.” Gabrielle says, “You make people believe.” 

Falco the dog will soon be too old to perform. Lukas is bringing brand new tricks to the act tonight, he says. They perform to Blink 182’s “All The Small Things” in some sort of mushroom patch. Oh! It’s Mario Kart thing. Got it. Falco jumps rope tonight, which is new! Lukas does a mini handstand and they touch feets. It’s a cute act.  The tricks are just OK, but that doggo is so adorable.  Simon loves the dog. “Falco was better than you,” says Simon who compliments Lukas kindness to the dog. Gabrielle says he upped the ante. Julianne agrees “It got 10 times better.” Howie disagrees! He didn’t see new tricks. Simon and Julianne buzz him.  Booooo Howie BOOOOO.

Detroit Youth Choir – Terry Crews Golden Buzzer – Terry gets choked up even thinking about his Golden Buzzer act. The choir exists, says the video package, to give underprivileged kids a voice. They’re singing Carrie Underwood’s “The Champion.” They seem like hard working kids, but the African choir has it going on. Likely only one (if any) will make it to the finals. Standing ovation from the judges and the crowd. “Hallelujah!” says Gabrielle. The crowd is shouting. “You deserve all of it,” she says. Howie compliments the choir director, calling him a hero. Julianne calls them “bigger than AGT. You guys are better when you’re together.” Simon calls them “bloody fantastic” and “better than your first audition.”


Tyler Butler-Figueroa
V. Unbeatable
Light Balance Kids
Robert Finley
Ryan Niemiller
Chris Klafford – Dunkin Save
Ndlovu Youth Choir – Judges Save


Joseph Allen
The Sentimentalists
Nick & Lindsay
Marina Mazepa
Charlotte Summers – Lost Dunkin Save

The group is from South Africa and have overcome poverty and difficulties on their way to the AGT stage. The sing U2’s “It’s a Beautiful Day.” I’ll say it again. I usually don’t care for the choirs. But this group is so talented, so well rehearsed, so uplifting they are impossible to resist. I hope they make it to the final. Ha. Simon is covered in streamers. “You set the stage on fire,” says Gabrielle. Simon loves their enthusiasm, great song choice. “Everything just clicked.” Julianne says, “You guys come on this show to self-express and show us who we are.” Howie says “You are our winder to the world, you are our sunshine. You inspire, you entertain.”

Light Balance Kids – Blacklight Act – Ellie Kemper’s Golden Buzzer – This offshoot of the popular Light Balance act is entertaining. Ohh. They do a spooky thing in skeleton outfits. It’s cool. But like V. Unbeatable, it’s hard to top what they’ve already done. And these blacklight acts don’t translate well to television. That was not a step up. Gabrielle, however, felt they topped themselves. Julianne gushes, “that was unbelievable.” Oohhh. Simon is gonna tell the truth. “This didn’t have the wow factor…this felt tame compared to your previous performances.” He compares their energy to V. Unbeatable, which is actually unfair. Howie is with the girls. He can’t believe Simon hated the Billie Eilish song. The music was OK. But Simon was right. That was boring.

Tyler Butler-Figueroa – Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer – Tyler was diagnosed with leukemia when he was 4. After three years of chemotherapy, he is in remission. His mom says he spent years in the hospital. Aw. He goes back to the hospital to play violin for the patients. He plays “Don’t You Worry Child” by the Swedish House Mafia. It’s a very energetic performance. No electric violin for Tyler! He goes old school with a wooden instrument. Simon calls him “America’s Golden Buzzer…HASHTAG amazing, inspirational, current…such a great person, such a great talent.” He hopes a big DJ comes on the show if Tyler makes the final. Howie thinks people should vote him though just for overcoming so much. Gabrielle believes he may inspire kids to put down their controllers and pick up an instrument. Julianne calls him an incredible artist and an incredible human being. 


Howie Mandel’s Golden Buzzer – I barely remember this guy, except as the guy who inexplicably got Howie’s golden buzzer. In his video package, he cries thinking about how far he’s come. He sings an original song, dedicated to his mom. It’s a mixture of rap and singing. Eh. It’s just OK? Howie calls him a shining light. “I could feel the pride shooting over our heads.” Gabrielle loves a vulnerable man, “You put your heart on this stage.” Julianne agrees with Gabrielle. She advises him not to compare himself to anybody. She felt a little apprehension. “Just be you.” Simon thought the best part of his song was his parents’ reaction from the audience, but otherwise, the performance was unremarkable. I agree with Simon, except I thought his audition was also mediocre. Joseph says “the way you treat your mom, is the way you’ll treat your wife.” Well, that will net him some votes.

Acrobatic Dance Troupe – Dwyane Wade’s Golden Buzzer – These boys have been spectacular, but they are in a position now, that it’s tough to top what they’ve done so far. The stagecraft is snazzy, including pyrotechnics. But I don’t think they’ve upped their game from last time.  “Every time we see you guys, you push the boundaries,” he says, “You make every second of those two minutes count.” Julianne says a clap isn’t enough, “You literally raise the game. This is the best performance of the night.” Gabrielle notes they were her husband’s golden buzzer. “It takes a champion to see a champion.” Howie calls it the “best performance I have ever watched.” He’s taking his entire 10 years on AGT. OK. These boys are good, but this praise is a little OT. 

The Sentimentalists – Mentalists – WILDCARD – These two are a fairly mediocre mentalist act, so why bring them back? Tonight, their bit is centered on touch. So of course, they bring Howie on stage. As he tries delicious desserts, the female mentalist guesses what he’s eating. She also guesses that Gabrielle is chewing bubble gum. Eh. She’s probably wearing an earpiece or something. This is boring. Wait. She didn’t guess Julianne’s correctly? I’m confused. This act can’t put together a cohesive bit. Julianne thought the act was sloppy. They have been from the beginning. Simon called it a “total mess.” Yeah. That was bad. 

The Sentimentalists – Mentalists – WILDCARD – These two are a fairly mediocre mentalist act, so why bring them back? Tonight, their bit is centered on touch. So of course, they bring Howie on stage. As he tries delicious desserts, the female mentalist guesses what he’s eating. She also guesses that Gabrielle is chewing bubble gum. Eh. She’s probably wearing an earpiece or something. This is boring. Wait. She didn’t guess Julianne’s correctly? I’m confused. This act can’t put together a cohesive bit. Julianne thought the act was sloppy. They have been from the beginning. Simon called it a “total mess.” Yeah. That was bad. 

Ryan Niemiller – Comedian – Ryan was born without arms and hands. He felt sorry for himself at first, but then learned to control his narrative. He played football and was crowned homecoming king in high school. “I wan’t you to vote for me because I’m the funniest person you’ve ever seen.” Tonight, his jokes are about getting in shape and making New Year’s resolutions. Also trailer jokes. His tweeter handle is @CrippleThreat8. Heh. Howie calls him wonderful, memorable, funny, smart. Julianne says he was born to be on the stage. “This is your lane,” she says. Simon says, “You’re born to do this…everything worked.” He believes Ryan will be in the semi-finals. He is a pretty funny dude. Also, his positive attitude is infectious. 

V. Unbeatable – Acrobatic Dance Troupe – Dwyane Wade’s Golden Buzzer –

Robert Finley is finally living his dream by singing his original song on the biggest stage in the world!

 He’s a 65 year old veteran who lost his sight to glaucoma. Tonight, he’ll perform a song about his AGT experience. It’s too bad he didn’t hit back in the 70’s. It would have been his time. His voice oozes classic R&B. Simon looks happy for the first time tonight. The original he’s performing is an upbeat bluesy thing about all the love AGT has “given to me.” Robert’s daughter is singing backups. Gabrielly calls him “a gift to us all.” Howie wonders if the song will connect to young people. Howie is cute. He thinks kids are voting for AGT contestants. Julianne disagrees. “I would like to be baptized into the Robert Finley church. Simon agrees with the girls, “Five thousand people just gave you a standing ovation.” 

She was a contestant on So You Think You Can Dance last year. Tonight, she promises to take a “huge risk” and “do something I’ve never done before.” Any moment, I expect an alien to come bursting out of her stomach. She’s at once compelling and creepy with the way she slithers around the stage. Simon buzzed her! She didn’t deserve that. C’mon. It’s true, your average AGT fan will probably not appreciate that. But she’s bold. Simon hated the music, thought it was boring. Wow. He really disses her. She looks pissed. Howie says, “One man’s boredom is another man’s dream. I’m married, I feel like I just cheated.” Gabrielle also loved it. “It was amazing.” Julianne says, “You are so weird, and I love weird.” So that’s 3 against 1. 

Chris won Swedish Idol a few years ago. He comes from a tiny town in Sweden. “Ive been playing in small bars,” says Chris, totally leaving out his stint on Idol and his string of hit songs in Sweden.

Tonight, he sings another original, dedicated to the last moments he spent with his great grandmother. He sings, accompanying himself on guitar, his voice front and center. He’s got an impressive range. His chest voice is powerful. At first, Julianne thought he needed a band. But she changed her mind. Gabrielle agrees with Julianne. But  Simon didn’t feel the emotional connection like he did in the middle rounds. Ha. He’s playing third. Simon really hates these White Guy with Guitar types. Howie agrees with Simon. The song could have been stronger, but Chris managed to sing the heck out of it.  


She’s from Marabella, Spain and has appeared on La Voz Kids Spain in 2015. Her video package features her and sis taking a tour of Hollywood. They drive by Simon Cowell’s house! She sings “Diamonds are Forever,” as song that’s way too old fashioned for her. It gives her the opportunity to show off her range. But YIKES. This performance is a snooze. It’s a teen pretending she’s Shirley Bassey. No bueno. When she finishes, she reverts back to the teen she is, chirping out a “thank you.” A pox on the person who chose that song. “Your talent is so far beyond your years,” Howie says. But he notes that the song choice was “maybe not the best.” Gabrielle calls her voice “amazing.” Julienne compares her to Jessie J. But she wanted to see more of her personality. Simon calls it a terrible terrible terrible song choice. He prays the audience votes for her anyway.

Performing tonight are reigning America’s Got Talent winner Shin Lim, season 1 winner Bianca Ryan, season 13 violinist Brian King Joseph and season 11 contortionist aerialist Sofie Dossi.

Bianca Ryan, season 13 violinist Brian King Joseph and season 11 contortionist aerialist Sofie Dossi all perform together. Bianca sings Linda Ronstadt’s “You’re No Good” while Brian accompanies her on Violin. Apropos of nothing, Sofie dangles from the sky on a hoop. .

Viewer react to 

Nancy Fondale Parkman I remember Bianca from the first season . I loved her and still do . So happy she was on tonight but I wasnt too thrilled with the song choice – kind of a negative message for this show !

Eileen Meloney Can't watch the show because of standoff in Philadelphia, they should put on another channel. My prayers to all involved, 6 police officers shot. Possibly 2 cops held as hostages.

Nathan Chlumsky I'm trying to vote for Ansley Burns I uploaded the app but it is not working I also went on to the NBC webpage and it also has technical difficulties

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