America's Got Talent 2019 Messoudi Brothers Audition Performance

Sexiest Acrobats On AGT?! Messoudi Brothers Perform To “Pony” by Ginuwine – America’s Got Talent

America's Got Talent 2019  Messoudi Brothers 

Messoudi Brothers – Trio of beefy hand balancers – Over under on how fast the brothers rip off their shirts. Heh. C’mon, y’all are waiting for that. Admit it. Last time, Simon asked for more danger. They are going to attempt a trick that previously injured a brother. OH HA HA. They don’t even bother wearing shirts. Smart to cut to the chase. They invite Julianne on stage and make her part of the act. Threesome! Ha. She’s already back in her seat. OK when does this get dangerous? I halfway expect Simon to buzz them. I mean ALL OF IT is dangerous, how they balance on top of each other. Then end with a crazy configuration on top of a hydraulic that hoists them into the air and back again. “THANK YOU” says Julianne. “THAT WAS FANTASTIC.” She thinks they upped the ante. Simon feels they took his advice. I’m surprised he’s satisfied, actually. Gabrielle loves their smiles. “You wowed us.” Howie calls it fantastic. Sean is “absolutely blown away.” He says, “everything is bigger.” I bit of a double entendre there!

Messoudi Brothers – Hand Balancers – Uh oh. While they were rehearsing for the live shows, they had an accident. One of the brothers holds a cane. Yikes. The brothers begin stripping right away. They know what the audience wants. OFF COME THE T SHIRTS. They’re upping the ante with a blindfold. Although, I don’t quite get the point? Still, they once again prove their super human strength, forming different configurations. The brother that’s hurt looks to be screaming in pain. Gabrielle calls them “sexy…good job guys.” Julianne feels anxiety watching them. She loves the danger and risk factor. Simon wants something even more dangerous. “a tank full of piranhas.” That would be dumb. 

They BARELY made their audition. Their flight from Beirut lost their luggage. They haven’t slept or ate. Their dad is in the audience. Aw. The trio is so strong. The balancing poses look impossible. They waste little time stripping off their shirts. They know what the audience wants. heh. Good lawd. One brother is literally holding up another by his calf muscles. Yikes. Terry concurs that it’s mega hard to do that! The brothers invite their dad on stage.  HIS SHIRT IS COMING OFF. Ha ha. One last routine with all four. One brother is standing on another’s a**. They form a crazy family configuration. CRAZY. Gabrielle thanks the airlines for losing their shirts. “You did not disappoint. You upped your game by 100 percent.” Brad says he couldn’t to that with his sons when they were 2 and 4. Simon will never show the audition to his son Eric. He is impressed that they rose in a challenging situation.

It's a family affair as the Messoudi Brothers invite their dad on stage to perform with them!

The trio’s parents formed a handstand act in Australia. The boys are following in their footsteps. The father used to be part of their act, before he retired a few months ago.    The boys strip off their shirts before performing the harder bits. Nobody seems to mind. They pile on top of each other like a man-tower. These dudes are strong. At one point, they perform a configuration that literally looks impossible! How do they keep their balance? You delivered the WOW says Gabrielle. “You tick every single box,” says Simon. Julianne notes how special it is to work with a sibling (Derek!) Howie says, “You did an amazing job.” After receiving their yeses, they incorporate Terry into one last act! He’s really strong too. Check out the pec action. They competed on Arabs Got Talent earlier this year. – 4 yeses

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