Contortionist Marina Mazepa Delivers SPOOKY Dance To Billie Eilish – America’s Got Talent 2019

America's Got Talent 2019 Marina Marzepa

Marina Marzepa was also a contestant on France’s Got Talent. She will perform for her America's Got Talent 2019 auditions performance tonight on NBC

She was a contestant on So You Think You Can Dance last year. Tonight, she promises to take a “huge risk” and “do something I’ve never done before.” Any moment, I expect an alien to come bursting out of her stomach. She’s at once compelling and creepy with the way she slithers around the stage. Simon buzzed her! She didn’t deserve that. C’mon. It’s true, your average AGT fan will probably not appreciate that. But she’s bold. Simon hated the music, thought it was boring. Wow. He really disses her. She looks pissed. Howie says, “One man’s boredom is another man’s dream. I’m married, I feel like I just cheated.” Gabrielle also loved it. “It was amazing.” Julianne says, “You are so weird, and I love weird.” So that’s 3 against 1. 

Final – Marina Mazepa – France's Got Talent 2017

Marina Mazepa – SYTYCD 15 Auditions

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