MacKenzie Sings Nothing Compares to U – America’s Got Talent 2019

America's Got Talent 2019 MacKenzie

This young soul singer covers Prince’s “Nothing Compares to U” on America;s Got Talent 2019 Tonight

Originally from Virginia, the 31 year old lives in Los Angeles now. He performs “Nothing Compares to U” by Prince. He dedicates the song to his wife Denise. He uses to play songs for the animals on the family farm. He attended Berklee in Boston, but couldn’t afford more than two semesters. He met his wife in Boston, so some good came out of it. He has a beautiful tone, and this performance would be better if he didn’t oversing toward the end. But it gets the crowd up on their feet. And Gabrielle is wiping away a tear. MacKenzie is crying too. “I’m just happy to be here,” he says tearfully. Howie thinks MacKenzie is a shining store. Denise joins him on stage. Gabrielle says, “I’m just rooting for you.” Gabrielle says, “You both are stars!” Simon calls it a “great moment.” MacKenzie and Denise are a VERY handsome couple! – 4 yeses. 

Fan react to America's Got Talent 2019 MacKenzie

Keely Sherwold Wow , that was so beautiful !Tears  at your song choice , and proud that you honored our man ! Much love

elinda Chruscial I am filled with Tears of Joy that he still chose to honor our brother! Amazing!

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