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America’s Got Talent 2019 Live Show

In his video package, his mom talks about learning he was blind at 3 months. Not soon after, he was diagnosed as autistic. Music was the thing that made him really happy. Kodi is Gabrielle’s Golden Buzzer. His audition has had almost half a million views online. His mom sits him at the piano and makes sure he’s ok before Kodi performs “Bridge Over Troubled Water.” Oh boy.

This performance really pulls at the heartstrings. He doesn’t have a great voice–he’s a better piano player. But his delivery is moving nonetheless. No chance Kodi won’t advance to the next round. He could win the whole thing. Gabrielle says, “You changed the world…we have to stop putting limits on our children.” Simon says, “You continually amaze me. We are nothing without people like you.” Paul Simon gave special permission for Kodi to sing the song. However, it’s not true that the song is hardly sung on singing shows.

This 12 year old performer is Julianne Hough’s Golden Buzzer. After his performance, Waitress creator Sara Bareilles tweeted him congratulations.  He sticks to Broadway performing “You Will Be Found” from Dear Evan Hansen.  He has a very pleasing voice and a ton of potential. He needs to work on a few vocal issues, but he’s only 12. Julianne is so proud. “That voice is undeniable,” she says. Simon compliments his confidence and poise. “You’ve done yourself really proud,” he says. Howie predicts that he’ll be starring on a Broadway stage. 

Messoudi Brothers – Hand Balancers – Uh oh. While they were rehearsing for the live shows, they had an accident. One of the brothers holds a cane. Yikes. The brothers begin stripping right away. They know what the audience wants. OFF COME THE T SHIRTS. They’re upping the ante with a blindfold. Although, I don’t quite get the point? Still, they once again prove their super human strength, forming different configurations. The brother that’s hurt looks to be screaming in pain. Gabrielle calls them “sexy…good job guys.” Julianne feels anxiety watching them. She loves the danger and risk factor. Simon wants something even more dangerous. “a tank full of piranhas.” That would be dumb. 

Voices of Service –  Military Singing group – This group of singers are all veterans/active military members who sing for their fellow military members. In their video package, they visit a military cemetary, waxing poetic about the flag and patriotism. They sing “Fire” by Gavin DeGraw, with a gospel choir backing them up–the military chorus. I don’t like the production. Their four voices are enough. I miss the simplicity of their earlier performances.  Howie salutes them for their service and talent. Simon calls them inspirational. “I think the public are going to vote you into the later round.” Gabrielle calls their voices a blessing for folks who are facing trauma. Julianne says, riffing off a line in the song, “We are one tribe.” 

Ansley Burns – Young Soul Singer – WILDCARD – When she was cut, Ansley cried her eyes out. Now she’s back as a wildcard. Will Simon make her sing again for a THIRD time? Hm. Her first outing featured soul songs. Now she’s chirping along to a classic country song “Swinging.” She’s only 12 years old and performs like she hopes to win a sash in a kid beauty pageant. She has pitch problems!  In a few years she might be ready, but not now. Simon said the internet hated him after he cut her. He admits that he didn’t like the song, but thinks she has a great voice and personality. He calls her a “little fighter.” Julianne says, “never stop believing in yourself.” Howie is thrilled that she’s back, “you make the world smile.”

Alex Dowis – Blacklight Painter – After communism fell in the czech republic, he learned street art. The blacklight art was the next step. Tonight, he’s painting the history of the world, starting with the Big Bang and dinosaurs. And monkeys! Obvs not a creationist. It ends with a quote from Stephen Hawking. Simon said it felt too much like being in a science museum. He didn’t feel it emotionally. Gabrielle disagrees. “It was mankind, it was beautifully. “If Banksy and Darwin had a child, it would be you. Julianne calls his depiction of the history of time “magical.”

Sophie Peccora – Young singer/Youtube star – Simon is running back to his seat as Terry introduces Sophie. Quit smoking Simon, and you won’t be late! Sophie even sings an original song–complete with flashing lyrics–in her video package. What never gets mentioned is that the 15 year old has a Youtube channel with a kabillion or so followers. On stage, she sings a heartfelt ditty about feeling good in your own skin. She’s like a modern teen beat poet, dropping angsty relatable bit to fellow teens. No wonder she’s popular. Fun fact: She was   Golden Buzzer. Julianne got teary during her video package. “You speak truth,” she says. Howie calls her the most “important thing on this stage so far.” Gabrielle calls her poignant and important. “You are such a rock star,” she says. Simon loves her simplicity, “an immaculate performance…I’m slightly in awe of you.”

Carmen Carter – Diva Belter – Carmen’s parents talk about how she loved to entertain folks, even as a child. They are so proud of her! She performs a creative cover of “Believer” by Imagine Dragons. Performing a contemporary song at this point is risky and smart. She’s playing the leather clad Tina Turner type singer well. She’s actually got swag to go along with those strong vocals.

This song is really easy to bomb, so props to her. She’s effortless tonight, hitting crazy notes flawlessly. For the first time, I am actually impressed. Oh. Howie isn’t standing. Simon was sold on the song choice halfway through. “You made us all believers,” says Gabrielle. “Unforgettable.” Julianne loved the risk, “You put your Carmen twist on it.” Howie didn’t like the song choice. He’s wrong. 

Emerald Belles – Teen “high kick” dance team – These gals are from Texas. We see them get an American Idol like homecoming. The mayor or whoever mock Howie for dissing the group (he compared them unfavorably to the Rockettes). Ha. They do their thing-dancing with extreme precision. The high kicks never stop. The girls end the routine dropping into painful looking splits. “You guys killed it!” says Gabrielle. Howie says the production elevated their performance, “You blew the roof off…spectacular.” Julianne thinks they stepped it up. “You’re better together.” Simon says they define what AGT is all about–hard work and ambition. He ask Howie to apologize. He stands up and bows. 

GForce – Teen Girl group – These tween girls are from Canada. They dream about being the next big girl group. The action begins in a space age manicure shop. Hm. There’s rapping. Again, this is very pageanty Kidz Bop. But I guess the kiddos would like it? They’re performing an original song that’s all about GIRL POWER y’all. “We’re going to do our own thing! They shout. The performance also includes major choreography. Howie compliments their energy. “I’m filled with girl power, which is weird for a middle aged bald guy.” Gabrielle is proud, “You rocked it.” Julianne loves their individuality. Simon calls them fearless, although he did not like the song. He warns them to bring a better song if they make it. Gabrielle reminds him that HE told them they needed to be in control. I dunno. How many 12 year old girls are actually watching AGT?

Greg Morton – Comedian/impressionist – In his video package, Greg talks about going to the movies as a kid and mimicking the voices. “I got pretty good at it!” He shares that it has been a tough road. He kicks off his performance with some Lion King, followed by a bunch more familiar voices. Greg is a one man nostalgia machine–recreating voices from famous movies of various eras. Can’t help but smile at this! Oh gosh.

He’s even nailing Marlon Brando in the Godfather. He yells at Simon to “She me the money.” Heh. And finishes with Schwarzenegger’s “I’ll be back.”  Gabrielle says he brings everyone back to their childhoods. Julianne is on the edge of her seat. “You are activating our imagination…a true artist.” Simon worried whether he could own the stage–he proved him wrong. It’s a step up, Simon says. “I hope the audience shows you the money with their votes.” 

Moving on to the America’s Got Talent 2019 Live Show

Emanne Beasha – Jay Leno’s Golden Buzzer
Voices of Service
Eric Chien
Marina Mazepa
Charlotte Summers
Jackie Fabulous
Benicio Bryant

Light Balance Kids – Ellie’s Golden Buzzer
Greg Morton – Comedian/impressionist
Marcin Patrzalek – Teen Guitar wiz
MaKenzie – Singer 
Carmen Carter – Diva singer
Nick and Lindsay – Opera and Knife Throwing
Gonzo – Japanese Tambourine dude

V. Unbeatable – Dwyane Wade’s Golden Buzzer.

Dom Chambers – Musician
G Force – Kid girl group
Robert Finley – Singer/Musician
Bir Khalsa – Wacky danger act
Alex Dowis Light Art Show – Light show
Ryan Niemiller – Comedian

Sophie Pecora – Brad Paisley’s Golden Buzzer
Emerald Belles 
Messoudi Brothers
Lukas & Falco
NDLOVU Youth Choir
Chris Klafford

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