Jonathan Burns Performs on America’s Got Talent 2019

America's Got Talent 2019 Jonathan Burns Audition 

The show kicks off with Terry wheeling a suitcase out center stage. Jonathan is inside of it, folded up like a lawn chair! “Are you considered carry on?” quips Howie.  He does a bit with 80s music and a toilet seat. Contortionists freak me out, to be honest.  Next he pushes himself through a tennis racquet. The crowd goes wild, but it’s really kind of lame? He strips off clothing between each bit, tossing his 80s style headbands out to the judges. It ends with him stripping off his underwear out from his gym shorts. Not impressed. “We all want to see more!” says Gabrielle.   “That was like Napoleon Dynamite,” but bendy, says Julianne. Howie calls him memorable. “Talent is about people having a great time,” says Simon. Jonathan has competed on the France Got Talent franchise – 4 yeses.

 He appeared on Letterman with a partner in 2012 as a Stupid Human Trick.  He also was a guest on the Late Late Show with James Corden and competed on the French Got Talent franchise. He was on Penn & Teller as well.

Jonathan Burns – France's Got Talent 2016

Jonathan Burns – France's Got Talent 2016

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