Human Fuse Is A Dangerous Fire Flying Stunt That Could Go Wrong! – America’s Got Talent 2019

America's Got Talent 2019 Human Fuse Audition 

After breaking 18 bones and getting countless injuries, Human Fuse attempts a stunt that will light up your world.

Brian Miser works along with his wife. He’s been a thrill seeker all of his life. Lucky for him, the wife is a registered nurse. He’s broken 18 bones. At 55, he’s feeling the wear and tear. If he wins, he plans to retire. He lights himself on fire while his wife shoots him out of a catapult. He has bruised ribs right now…after slipping in a puddle. The act takes place outside of the theater. He will fly 110 feet in the air while lit on fire. I bet this is a two parter. AND YEP. After he’s set on fire and shot off…here comes Haley Reinhart’s car commercial. OK we’re back. He flies through the air, and lands on his back, right where he is supposed to. He’s still on fire, which I am sure is part of the act. Assistants put out the fire with extinguishers. And of course he’s OK. Back inside, Howie calls it “thrilling.” Gabrielle says, “You wowed the audience.” Julianne calls it “ridiculously amazing.” Simon wants to know where he goes next. “Toledo,” he quips. Next time, Simon wants him to jump over something that could eat him. 4 yeses.

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