Top 10 Season 14 America's Got Talent 2019 Golden Buzzer Winners

All America’s Got Talent 2019 Golden Buzze Winners

America's Got Talent 2019 Golden Buzzer 

10-Year-Old singer Emanne Beasha performed "Caruso" and received the Golden Buzzer from guest judge Jay Leno!

This performance is the definition of a spectacle! Guest judge Ellie Kemper gives her golden buzzer to the marvelous Light Balance Kids.

V.Unbeatable from Mumbai, India honors their late friend Vikas with an unbelievable, golden buzzer-worthy performance.

 Crazy good dance/tumbling team from India. The young men on the crew come from challenging circumstances. Oh no. One of their crew got hurt and eventually died. “We are doing all this for him,” they say. This group is a terrific mix of hip hop dance and danger tumbling. THey perform with precision. The last it has a young one jumping off a chair held high atop a pyramid. It’s crazy. They get a standing ovation. Julianne calls them powerful. She loves the combination of dance and acrobats. Simon loves their enthusiasm. “We need you,” he says. Dwayne’s heart is beating so hard, he asks Gabrielle to feel it. I KNEW IT! Dwayne chooses V. Unbeatable as his GOLDEN BUZZER.

The singer-songwriter earns golden buzzer from guest judge Brad Paisley after performing her poignant original song, "Misfits."

Fifteen year old calls herself “shy” but she’s actually a big Youtube influencer. She writes her own songs. During her audition, she impressed the judges with a talky rap thing. She calls the song she’s about to sing “the most personal out of all of them.” It’s about wanting to be along “Everything makes me so angry sometimes.” TEEN ANGST. She raps part of the song again. Her vibe reminds me a little of American Idol’s Catie Turner. but not as good, frankly. She gets a standing ovation for that. It was smart to bare her soul. “You just reached into our heats and snatched it out,” says Gabrielle. Simon thinks the song should have ended with “I don’t think about you anymore.” Oh hey Simon. Mansplain her feelings why don’t you. He claims he’s speaking as a father, and he means well. But still. Brad loved the line “Misfits have powers that are pretty rad.” Brad thinks she schooled so many people in the moment AND OH HECK SHE’S HIS GOLDEN BUZZER. Sophie is speechless. Dad is wiping away tears. 

She Used to Be Mine from Waitress –  He’s a 12 year old singer from Garden City New York. He loves Broadway shows. He saw his first at six years old. His dream is to be on stage some day. He’s seen Kinky Boots eight times.  Julianne is his favorite judges.

Simon hits his red x. He’s been following the Houghs for ages. And of course, he’s her Golden Buzzer. So much for suspense! He sings in a beautiful, clear tenor. I hope his eventual voice change does not mess that up. His tone is lovely. He’s still imitative at his young age, and he tends to reach blindly for runs, but there’s a ton of potential there. Julianne is crying. Gabrielle shouts “YOU KILLED IT!” Howie compliments his poise. Simon doesn’t diss him for being “Broadway.” Heh. But he does warn him not to be generic. Julianne is so flattered that he looks up to her and brother Derek that she…..HITS HER GOLDEN BUZZER

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According to this bio, Ben has been in the “musical theatre and dance world both professionally and in amateur productions for over 12 years.” So he was bullied as a kid. Even his teachers didn’t take him seriously. He had an injury and couldn’t dance anymore. He’s been working a dead end job for the last 7 years. His Broadway dreams were dashed! But, he says, “I always knew I was born to dance.”  He strips down to pasties and a leotard. He twirls his pasties in Simon’s face. Good lawd. He is a joke act, but is going to get this golden buzzer anyway. Oh. He lays on the table, triggering the golden buzzer. “You have some serious moves,” says Julianne, It’s Howie’s favorite golden buzzer moment. Simon calls him “hilarious.” So that was a total fakeout. No golden buzzer this week. 

The young choir from Detroit perform an unexpected rendition of “Can’t Hold Us” by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, and earn a well-deserved Golden Buzzer from Michigan’s own Terry Crews!

 The choir serves kids between the ages the ages of 8-18. The director, Anthony White, is committed to helping at risk kids.  He’s been director for over 21 years. Simon loves choirs, as we know. I like them too, but not in competitions like this. They dance and rap. Which I was not expecting. But you know. It’s a choir. The rapping was better than the solo singing. Howie says, ‘This was your moment. I love you all.” Julianne says, “You guys came together and created something…I love it.” OK A GOLDEN BUZZER IS COMING! Simon thinks they could win (no). OK it’s Terry. He interrupts the voting. He’s practically crying. He identifies with them. He’s from Flint. So that makes sense that HE CHOOSES THEM AS HIS GOLDEN BUZZER. Terry says, all it takes is one person to believe in one young man or woman. Then Terry hits the buzzer.  That means the group goes straight through to the live shows. 

The 11-year-old North Carolina native gets the ultimate stamp of approval with a golden buzzer from Simon Cowell himself!

Joseph put his best foot forward and earned the Golden Buzzer from Howie Mandel

Joseph Allen Leaves Exciting Footprint With Original Song – America's Got Talent 2019

21 year old from Texas is a singer/songwriter. He was the youngest of 12 in a blended family. He has won motocross racing. He taught himself how to produce music. He makes a deal with Terry. If he gets the Golden Buzzer, the host will come out and stage and hug him. Well, obviously that’s going to happen, because we’re at the end of the show. Duh. He performs an original song about the world knowing his name. He drops the judges names into the rap part. The song is so fully tailored to the show, with an uplifting message. I guess that’s why he gets the Golden Buzzer. Oh, He cries at the end. It’s all very dramatic. Julianne is crying. So maybe she’ll hit her buzzer. Julianne thinks there is a generation of Millenials putting good out into the world. Simon calls his energy “amazing.” Howie calls his smile “electric.” He says, “Life is a series of moments…..” OK it’s Howie. Howie hits his golden buzzer for Joseph. Terry comes out to give him that hug. 

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 Kodie is 22. Mom helps him out on stage. She explains that he is blind and autistic. He loved music early on, and began singing and playing. Music has saved his life, she says. He sits at the piano and performs “A Song for You.” So yeah. He’s a savant. He’s a better piano player than singer. Actually, if he were able bodied, he probably wouldn’t get through the bookers. But he has a nice falsetto. Kodie gets a big ovation. The only question is which judge will hit their golden buzzer, right? Howie calls him a great inspiration and talent. Julianne “feels” his heart and passion. “I heard you and I felt you.” Simon calls it “extraordinary” and his voice “fantastic.” Gabrielle is a new judge and a new mom, so she relates. GABRIELLE RELATES SO MUCH SHE HITS HER GOLDEN BUZZER. Aw. Kodie is jumping up and down, he’s so happy. Kodie goes straight to the live shows. 

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America’s Got Talent season 14 starts tonight ( May 28 ) ? Who will win the gold buzzer of this season?

WHAT just happened?! This JAW-DROPPING dance group from Mumbai, India blows minds with incredible flips

Judge Cuts 1 Results 

Moving on to the next round

Sophie Pecora – Brad Paisley’s Golden Buzzer
Emerald Belles 
Messoudi Brothers
Lukas & Falco
NDLOVU Youth Choir
Chris Klafford

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Beau Belcher Why would anyone taking there music career seriously let these nobody's judge you ? I mean seriously Cowell and Howie are supposed to be experts on judging music 

Rose Fark thank GOD Mel B is GONE!!!!! Heidi should have been kept. She was classy!!! Howie Mandell??? However, as long as that b Mel B is gone, we decided to watch it this season to see how it goes!!! Again, tho Heidi should have stayed

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