America's Got Talent 2019 GFORCE Sings Break The Bank Audition

GFORCE Proves To Be The Next BIG Girl Band With “Simon Says” – America’s Got Talent 2019

America's Got Talent 2019 GFORCE 

GForce – Teen Girl group – These tween girls are from Canada. They dream about being the next big girl group. The action begins in a space age manicure shop. Hm. There’s rapping. Again, this is very pageanty Kidz Bop. But I guess the kiddos would like it? They’re performing an original song that’s all about GIRL POWER y’all. “We’re going to do our own thing! They shout.

The performance also includes major choreography. Howie compliments their energy. “I’m filled with girl power, which is weird for a middle aged bald guy.” Gabrielle is proud, “You rocked it.” Julianne loves their individuality. Simon calls them fearless, although he did not like the song. He warns them to bring a better song if they make it. Gabrielle reminds him that HE told them they needed to be in control. I dunno. How many 12 year old girls are actually watching AGT?

The kiddos shout affirmations to themselves. Last time, Simon felt they lacked authenticity. This time, they chose songs that are a “little more personal”–and original song called “Simon says.”  They want to be the next One Direction. If they could lose the pageant vibes, they’d be better. Maybe in a few years. Ha I wonder who wrote this song for them. It’s a cute song that tells him off more or less. Also, they express their fears about their future on the show. Gabrielle loved them even more this time. Dwyane loves their swag and confidence. Howie thinks their adorable, but couldn’t understand the words. He liked the first performance better. Simon calls it a “way way better audition than the first time.” He warns there’s a lot of competition. So that’s a no. 

These kiddos between the ages of 10-12 are from Canada and are SUPER BEST FRIENDS!!! They all have Spice Girls-like nicknames. They sing an original song about “going to the top together and never letting each other down.” It’s all very Kidz Bop with dance moves and rapping. Julianne loves their female empowerment. Gabrielle has an 11 year old. She calls them “rock stars.” Hoo boy. The crying starts. “You made me feel like a little girl again,” says Howie. – 4 yeses

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