13-Year-Old Charlotte Summers Shocks You With Powerful Vocals – America’s Got Talent 2019

America's Got Talent 2019 Charlotte Summers 

13 year old Spanish belter. She has already appeared on numerous talent shows including La Voz Kids Spain in 2015.  She had no idea only seven out of 18 singers would go through to the next round. Poor kid. She sings the Leslie Gore classic “You Don’t Own Me.” She growls and belts her way through it in a most precocious way. Jay has a stock comment. Once again he’s “blown away.” Simon appreciates her rawness. 

Charlotte WOWs the audience with her rendition of "I Put A Spell On You!" This house has no roof after Charlotte Summers SLAYED this Annie Lennox hit.

She's like Florence Welch & Christina Aguilera combined. She is definitely talented. With some coaching, she could be amazing. She needs a little less grunge and growling because her voice by itself is beautiful

Charlotte singing  Live Shallow from Lady Gaga on Spanish TV program "Menuda Noche"

I was born to love you – Freddie Mercury

Charlotte sings "Never Enough" from the Greatest Showman. This is performed by Loren Allred  – the song sung by character Jenny Lind.

Viewer react to America's Got Talent 2019 Charlotte Summers 

Pauley Peter Wow, she's fabulous…..very bluesy and I love love love the blues. She sings with such passion. So good love from france ! probably no one will see this but my dream is to make it to agt as a musician if you got just 1 minute to leave an honest feedback you make my day

Michael Stavri Shows she has Great stage presence and is confident in her ability… With the write song for her, she will be totally original. Not to say that she carried out this song badly fantastic natural power ! Lets see more of her.. Bravo 

Francine Ranzi Darwish Great singer but She’s been to many other talent shows. Check out YouTube. I thought AGT was for new talent. They’ve been doing this a lot lately . But great singer.

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