America's Got Talent 2019 Benicio Bryant Sings The Joke in Audition

All Benicio Bryant America’s Got Talent 2019 Performances, Result

 America's Got Talent 2019 Benicio Bryant 

Benicio Bryant – Teen singer competed on The Voice Kids Germany recently – He was one year old when America’s Got Talent premiered. He’s been watching it every year and has dreamed of winning it. He turned 15 this week. His voice sounds tired this week–a little strained. I wonder if he’s sick. At this point of the competition, he needs a dramatic moment, which this song does not provide. Julianne calls him a star, able to hold the stage without bells and whistles. She thinks he can win. Simon respects how he presented an original song without gimmicks. Howie also thinks Benicio can win. Simon hits his button for some weird reason. 

Terry announces the 4th, fifth and sixth place finishers: Light Balance KidsNdlovu Youth Choir and Robert Finley.  Simon is surprised by the acts who wound up in danger. He does not specify who, however. 

Oooh, The vote is close between the Light Balance Kids and Robert Finley

More Results: Messoudi Brothers, Tyler Butler-Figueroa and Jackie Fabulous are left on stage. These eliminations hold no suspense! Jackie already looks close to tears. America has voted. The next act going into the finals is…Tyler Butler-Figueroa.

Dunkin Save Results: America SAVES Light Balance Kids!  The Judges Save is next, after the break. 


Finally time for the judges vote!

Gabrielle – Ndlovu Youth Choir
Julianne – Ndlovu Youth Choir
Howie – Robert Finley
Simon – Ndlovu Youth Choir

Advancing to the Final

Kodi Lee
Benicio Bryant
Tyler Butler-Figueroa
Light Balance Kids – America Saves
Ndlovu Youth Choir – Judges Save

Greg Morton
Eric Chien
Ansley Burns
Messoudi Brothers
Jackie Fabulous
Robert Finley – Dunkin Save Elimination

America’s Got Talent Semifinals begin tonight, LIVE from the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles.  Eleven contestants will perform in front of judges Howie Mandel, Gabrielle Union, Julianne Hough and Simon Cowell for YOUR votes.  Terry Crews hosts

Teen singer competed on The Voice Kids Germany recently – The 14 year old singer performs another original. He’s been thinking about being a star since he was 10 years old. Benicio needs to work on his enunciation. Still, he’s the best kid singer in the competition right now. He might have been better off with a cover this week. The song is lackluster. Simon calls it “outstanding” nevertheless. He also calls him relevant. He’s sure he’ll make the final. Julianne agrees she loved the song’s lyrics. Sean is obsessed with him and his talent, and feels he can call him “Benny.” Gabrielle calls him a star. Howie criticized him for singing an original song last week. But he’s changed his mind and proceeds to slather him with compliments, comparing him to Harry Styles and Troye Sivan.

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Benicio Bryant: This Performance Is Why America Is OBSSESED With Beni 

He came in second on Germany’s Got Talent. Brandi Carlile was so impressed, the sang a duet on Late Night. He impressed the panel during the Judge Cuts with an original song. 

What song he will sing for his America's Got Talent 2019 quarterfinals performance tonight and how to vote for Benicio Bryant

In Benicio’s video package, he sings the National Anthem at a Mariners game. His dad is so proud! Tonight, he’s singing another original song. His originals have actually been pretty good. His vocals are high, strong and sweet. He sings with surprising emotion for a young teen. He reminds me a little of that Greyson Chance from a few years ago. Julianne has been waiting for this moment! She calls it “risky.” She thinks he did an “unbelievable” job. Simon says, “I love you…you have a natural talent.” He would have stripped the song down more, though. “You have a great future ahead of you.” Howie didn’t respond to the song. He really doesn’t go for original songs, it seems. Gabrielle calls him a rock star. “You have it.”

Benicio Bryant sings his original song, "Here Goes Nothing" and impresses guest judge Jay Leno!

14 year old singer was The Voice Kids Germany runner-up. – Benicio’s shtick is that he’s only sung to himself in his room. But not so. He’s already been on Late Night singing with Brandi Carlile. Tonight, he is singing an original song, “Here Goes Nothing.”  He sings in a clear, sweet tenor. His emotional deliver is direct and engaging. The song is solid, too. Jay calls him an “old soul.” Howie thinks he’s worthy of going through, but COMPETITION. Simon liked his even more this time. “Trust yourself,” he says. Benicio is very emotional when he’s done. 

Benicio was the runner-up on The Voice Kids Germany in 2018. He also performed “The Joke” with Brandi Carlile on Late Night with Seth Meyers in 2018

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The 14-year-old singer from Washington gives a spine-tingling performance of Brandi Carlile's "The Joke" on AGT, effortlessly nailing the song's famously challenging sky-high chorus. In the chilling clip above, Bryant exhibits his range and powerful vibrato.

Sia – Bird Set Free (Benicio) | The Voice Kids 2018

“Benicio understands this song on a level I can only imagine,” Carlile said last year. “When he sings it, it comes to life in a new way for me. He won’t be 13 forever, and he knows how it ends.”

 Benicio says nobody in his family has any musical talent. He watches Simon reject a young girl singing “Country Roads.” He claims to perform only at local coffee shops, like he’s never been on TV before. Benicio was the runner-up on The Voice Kids Germany in 2018. He also performed “The Joke” with Brandi Carlile on Late Night with Seth Meyers in 2018. He’s only 14, I won’t dunk on him for that. He sings “The Joke,” a song he’s performed before. Even with Brandi Carlile herself on Late Night. He’s got great tone and range, and sings with surprising urgency for a tween. Julianne calls him the “entire package.” Gabrielle calls him “incredibly talented.” Howie calls him “amazing.” Simon saw how scared he was, “but you put it together.” Simon compares him to Harry Styles, “You’re a real find.” Yeah. Simon thought so much of Harry back when he auditioned for X Factor UK years ago, that he tossed him into a manufactured boyband. – 4 yeses

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Viewer react to  America's Got Talent 2019 Benicio Bryant performance

Kelli Quinn Miller So excited to see you on AGT on Tuesday. You have a bright future ahead of you!

Lori McClung-Washington He has such a beautiful gift, I could listen to him all day! Congratulations! He will go far 

Ann Holtzclaw Love, love this song. Great duo you did with Brandi Carlile on the Seth Meyers Late Show.

Karin Solt Costa I watched him on Seth Meyers last year and have been obsessed since!!! Haven’t been able to find the video online until now!!!! Can’t wait till Tuesday!

Karen Alejandra This performance was pure enjoyment, I definitely see myself jamming hard to this omw to work and having a great day afterwards from listening to this. He is so genuine, pure talent, he is my favorite for sure. He wrote this song and took the risk to perform this live I really hope he goes through.

Melissa Valenzuela Benecio is and has been my favorite since the beginning! He just has something so special. Some may say he’s an old soul, but to me he’s so Genuine, so humble, a naturally gifted talented young man with so much potential. The fact that he’s not afraid to use his own music makes everything that much better. God Bless you always! 

Gene Aaron Whatever song you sing it’s your voice that makes it sounds beautiful, Simon is right, you don’t need so much light behind you because you alone shines bright with your voice, always remember that we loved you and continue to love you because of your voice, your heart that we always feel whenever you sing… love you Beni, amazing performance, will vote for you. You’re still no. 1

Michelle Hado Carroll Benicio has been one of my favorites since day 1. He is amazing. He is much better without the Post Malone auto tune stuff they had going on with him tonight in the background for sure. Drowned out his beautiful natural voice. Regardless, he’s going to go far with or without AGT

Allyssa Vie Aziz You nailed it boy!… whatever happens in this competition…you will always be remembered….your voice, your unique personality…. wishing you all the best in your future!…you still young and has a promising talent!…
(You are a nightingale of this season of America's got talent)
P.S. if u get through, you are lucky enough!…you have already proven that you are a good singer…(from the voice kid's Germany)…but also you are now on AGT for another competition…. competition means,show that you are better than anyone else in this competition by all means… honest advice to you is, choose a bigger and more powerful song to win the competition…your original song is good and meaningful….. reserved it for future concert!

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