America's Got Talent 2019 Ansley Burns Audition with Simon Cowell`s Chance

Kid Singer Ansley Burns WOWS Judges With “Cry Pretty” By Carrie Underwood – America’s Got Talent

America's Got Talent 2019 Ansley Burns 

 Singer whom Simon made sing twice–twice) (Quarterfinal Wildcard) – She’s the only Wildcard to survive the Quarterfinals. In her video package, Ansley runs through how Simon kept asking her to sing twice. This week, she’s going to pick her OWN song (apparently friends and family picked the others. Hm). She loves Carrie Underwood, and sings “Cry Pretty.” Eh. Song picks aren’t going to fix Ansley in the short run. She needs time to develop vocally and emotionally. She’s imitating Carrie, all the way down to the way she moves on stage. Julianne is sure America love Ansley Burns. “You are a ray of sunshine,” she says. “America wants to root for you. Maybe the song overpowered her, she says. Sean compares her to Karen Carpenter. UHM NO. Gabrielle loves Ansley. “You are America’s underdog.” Howie thinks the song was too big for her. She needs her own TV show, he says. Simon did not like the staging. But he likes that he’s she’s gutsy and adorable. He asks America to vote based on every performance. Hm. That would mean sending her home…

Congratulations, Ansley Burns Music for recieving America's vote in the Dunkin' Save!


Top 7

Alex Dowis – Blacklight Artist
Luke Islam – Young Singer
Voices of Service – Singing group
Kodi Lee – Singer/pianist
Massoudi Brothers – Hand balancers
Greg Morton – Comedian
Ansley Burns – Young singer


Carmen Carter – Singer
GFORCE – Girl Group
Bir Khalsa – Danger act
Sophie Pecora – Singer/songwriter
Emerald Belles – High kick dance group.

She prepared hard for this, so she does not have to sing again. Simon’s fake southern accent (imitating Ansley) is atrocious. Yikes. She’s very perky and personality plus. She could do Disney.

Her singing, however is just so so. She performs Carrie Underwood’s “Good Girl” and it’s flat and yelly. Simon didn’t like the track (again!) Once again, he asks her to sing a’cappella. It’s a little better without the track. Gabrielle says she blew it out of the water. Ellie is impressed by her poise. Simon loves her personality. “I think you’ve got something special,” he says. “Think she’s someone we could help,” he says as an aside.

See why Simon Cowell gave Ansley Burns Music a life changing second chance.

Simon Cowell asked the singer to sing a cappella and she did an incredible job!

After all the rejected singers, 12 year old Ansley is nervous to sing in front of Simon. Ansley used to sing in church in her small South Carolina town. Ansley went viral last year after her mom posted a video of Ansley singing “Cry Pretty.” Carrie Underwood gave her props on Twitter.Simon complains about the backing track. But it feels like a bit to stir up some drama. “That was terrible,” Simon tells her. He suggests that she sing a’cappella, but Ansley looks unsure. Simon gives up his big cup of Dunkin Donuts water, which gives her a little courage. With the audience cheering her on, she sings without the track. She has a big voice, but at this point, she’s too imitative and pageantry. She needs a few years. She cries with relief at the end. Simon calls her a little fighter. “You’re an amazing person,” says Howie. Gabrielle compliments her level of professionalism. It’s true, she handled all that really well. “You absolutely crushed it,” says Julianne. Simon says, “We’re going to remember you.” – 4 yeses.

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