America’s Got Talent 2018 Finale Live Blog

The America’s Got Talent 2018 Top 10 contestants will take the stage on tonigh (Sept 18) for your votes, including:

Shin Lim (magician), Michael Ketterer (singer), Zurcaroh (aerial dance group), Duo Transcend (aerialists), Samuel J. Comroe (comedian), Daniel Emmet (singer), Brian King Joseph (violinist), Glennis Grace (singer), Vicki Barbolak (comedian), and Courtney Hadwin (singer) 

On Wednesday (Sept 19) a winner will be crowned. Who will win America’s Got Talent? Five of the ten acts are musical, four of which are singers. 

The semi-finals are finished! Take a look at what happened during Week 2 of the semi-finals.

10 compete for the biggest prize in the world. Who will win it all?

Tyra takes the stage with the Top 10. The winner will also headline a big show in Las Vegas. Simon is sure some of the contestants will have LIVE CHANGING MOMENTS! Before we get to the acts, it’s time for a video recap of the season. 

Surprised Brian isn’t performing later in the show. He’s a front runner! But at least he’s not second or third. In his video package, Brian talks about how playing violin is his therapy for the nerve disease he battles. He performs Kanye West’s “Heartless.” I wish the orchestrations were strippped back so the audience could really experience his talent. The overall sound is generic. But his talent and charisma can’t be denied. LOOK IT’S FLOATING DRUMMERS!Simon and Heidi are on their feet. Howie says it’s the kind of performance to close the show. “You’ve just set the bar for the whole evening.” Mel B. calls him the best of all time. “You ooze confidence,” she says. Heidi calls him lovable. “I have my fingers and toes crossed for you.” Simon says, “This is everything this show should be. You have a real shot here.” Tara asks if he has a message for Kanye. “Take me on tour let’s go!”

Daniel talks about how his entire journey has been a FIGHT. And that’s why the show keeps advancing you. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE NARRATIVE. And you’re second in the lineup. They’re done with you Daniel. This time he’s performing a pop song–Pink’s “Perfect” in Italian. He makes sure to his a big long note. Not really into Pink sung opera style. Pop opera just isn’t my jam.  Mel is glad he brought back to his opera style. She wasn’t sure whether it was Italian or Spanish. Sheesh. Heidi compliments him for being a fighter. “You’ve been one of my favorites.” Simon says, “You needed that performance for yourself.” Simon basically says you needed to end this thing on a high note. He disses his jacket. “You have fought, and deserve to be here,” says Howie, but then adds that it’s a shame he had to follow Brian. Tara suggests he plead his case to America via song.Which he does “You brought me back thrreeee tiiiiiimes…” And this is where it ends. 

In her clip, Vicki thanks all of her “friends” in the “trailer park.” There’s crying. She enters stage on a pink golf cart to the strains of “Fat Bottomed Girls.”  She thought the finals would be a swimsuit competition. Then she rips off her robe to reveal…a swimsuit. Then she brags about her grandson. Who is the top of his class. He’s homeschooled. Yuck Yuck Yuck. Then she says her father played for the Pittsburgh Steelers. What? This is bad. She wants to open up “woodpeckers” for women (like Hooters!). “Peckers” for short. Ok, the only funny joke tonight. Heidi loves “everything about you.” and also, “there’s nothing I love more than a great big German sausage.” Simon claims he doesn’t know what Hooters is. Hm. Simon calls her “brilliant.” And it sounds like he want to do a reality show with her. Hm. Mel calls her a “naughty girl.” 

Glennis gets one of the death spots. In her video package, Glennis talks about how she does everything for her son. She sings “Run” by Snow Patrol. The lyrics “I’ll sing it one last time for you,” seem appropriate. Glennis’ powerful pipes are on full display here. She ends on a glory note. The judges are on their feet. Simon calls it “sensational…seriously fantastic.” He thinks she belongs on Broadway in the Greatest Showman. “Immaculate” he says. Maybe a little too immaculate. Still think she has a problem connecting. “This stage has just given you a career for the world,” says Howie. She’s got that already. It’s the US she needs to conquer. Mel wanted a more soulful song. Heidi calls her “the real deal.”

This week, the troupe performs to an African theme. More flying children!One kiddo is used a jump rope before being tossed in the air. This group is always entertaining, though I’m not sure they topped themselves here. Tyra is so happy for her golden buzzer. The crowd is very LOUD. Can’t even hear Howie. Mel thinks they could win the entire show. Heidi calls the performance “jaw dropping.” She loves the children in particular. “You guys are ready for Vegas.”Simon calls it “sensational…you define the word positivity.” 

His mom raised 7 kids before passing away from cancer in 2007. She wrote each of them a letter. Samuel reads his out loud. In turn, he hopes to be a positive role model for his daughter. Another mildly amusing routine from Samuel. Mel calls him brilliant and amazing. “You won me over tonight,” says Heidi. She thought it was his best. I thought his Audition was his best, actually.  “The audience loved you tonight,” says Simon. “You’re giving yourself a shot after that.”Howie thinks he brought his A game.  Samuel wants to be the first comedian to win the show. 

In her video package, Courtney explains that all her musical idols are from Los Angeles. A James Brown record changed her life at age 11. She performs Ike and Tina Turner’s classic “River Deep Mountain High.” She starts out quietly before breaking out her nutty maniac routine. Sorry. I just can’t wrap my head around her caterwauling,  spazzy performances. The yelling, the shouting. She has no control or finesse. But I suppose one person’s feature is another person’s bug. Howie says, “You are amazing!” She’s his Golden Buzzer. “We are watching a superstar in the making.” Mel thinks she “killed it” this week. “Brilliant, original.” Heidi mentions that teens have been winning America’s Got Talent. Yes, and I think it’s time to change it up. Simon thinks she’s teach a new generation all about rock n roll.  When she’s not singing, Courtney is like a scared little rabbit up there on stage. 

Viewer reactions:

Alexander Cain Sinon cowell, whose production companies own all the rights and have a performer contract that all but sells a contestant into slavery.

Cynthia Leigh Post I"m glad she figured out it was a family show & started locking up the girls.It was kinda looking gross the way she was hanging out all over the place.I think they made a bad decision for her as host.She has talent in other areas,but she"s not meant for this show.

He studied to be a concert pianist in college. But pain in his wrists–corporal tunnel–forced his to choose between music and magic. He chose magic. He starts off off at the piano.He tells his corporal tunnel story, pulling cards out of nowhere, igniting the sheet music which reveals a pack of cards. Tara helps out. She prefers the 9 of hearts. Shin produces a bunch of 9 of hearts cards. Then magically turns a 6 of hearts into a 9 of hearts. And then floating flying cards. He just made the act bigger. Smart. “You have been consistently great.” He says tonight he finally brought showmanship. “You could actually win the competition. Howie calls it a 1 million dollar act. Mel calls it “pure magic.” Heidi calls him one of the best close up magicians she’s every seen. She wants him to win! So do I. Shin says the act was new, he was a little nervous. 

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